Boxers, as you can see, are notorious for their aggression. This breed of dog is not only known for its deafness, but it is also known for its intelligence. According to The Animal Rescue Site, white Boxers should not be bred because they are deaf around 20% of the time, and genes that cause deafness in white Boxers can be inherited.

Are there any white and deaf boxers? There are many myths and much misinformation about white and deaf boxers. This is largely due to the fact that for many years, a white coat was a death sentence for a boxer puppy, and breeders routinely killed their white puppies. However, white boxers are wonderful dogs, as beautiful and fun as their fawn and brindle counterparts!

Can boxer puppies be white? However, this does not mean Boxer parent dogs with other coat colors will not produce white Boxer puppies. As long as all other health tests come back clear, white Boxer puppies can make wonderful pet dogs and have the same 10 to 12-year average life expectancy as do all other Boxer dogs.

Do deaf dogs lose their hearing? Some hearing dogs can lose their hearing when they age and others can loose their hearing from an infection or a virus. Since my deaf dog Nitro is a boxer, I do keep track of some of the health issues in the boxer community. I thought this was a great article written for the Senior Boxer about Problems of Aging by Karla Spitzer.

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What causes deafness in boxers? A: While many dogs acquire some degree of hearing loss with age, congenital deafness in boxers is usually caused by the lack of pigmented skin in the inner ear, resulting in the atrophy of nerve endings within a few weeks of birth. [4]

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What health problems do white boxers have? ๐Ÿ‘‰ What health problems do white boxers have? Boxers are prone to a number of health issues including cancer, thyroid problems and cardiomyopathy. These illnesses are distributed across the breed as a whole and there is no evidence that white Boxers are more at risk.

Do white boxers have greater health problems? White Boxers develop more health problems than other Boxers. No clinical evidence has been recorded showing the white Boxer at a higher risk for health problems. Boxers are prone to various health issues including cancer, thyroid and cardiomyopathy.

Is there such thing as a white boxer dog? About 1 in 4 Boxers are white or mostly white. Although not recognized as breed standard to some dog clubs; a white Boxer is truly beautiful. However, sadly is prone to deafness. There are some Boxers that appear to be black. What is a black Boxer dog called? No Such Thing as a Black Boxer Dog.

Why do people breed white boxers? The Boxer breed we know today is from Germany and was originally bred for hunting and dog fights. However, these activities became unpopular as years passed, so Boxers found new roles as working dogs. Many White Boxers are now bred to help humans do day-to-day activities. Some of these Boxers are cattle dogs or police dogs, while others are guide dogs for the blind.

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Are there any white and deaf boxers?

How common is deafness in white boxers? There are no definitive figures regarding the incidence of deafness in white boxers. However, geneticist Bruce Cattanach conjectures that because the mechanism for deafness in white boxers and Dalmatians is the same, the incidence of bilateral deafness in white boxers is probably similar to that in Dalmatians โ€“ around 8% in the US. [3]

Is it normal for a white boxer to be white? White boxers are not the result of any genetic birth defect; they are genetically normal dogs who have white fur. Q: Are white boxers deaf? A: White boxers are more likely to be born deaf than are fawn or brindle boxers, but even still, the majority of white boxers can hear.

What is the most controversial color of a boxer dog? This famous breed comes in many fascinating colors, but one of the most controversial ones is the white Boxer. Despite their elegant charm, Boxer dogs with white color are often frowned upon. White Boxers were alienated for a long time because they were thought to be genetic anomalies.

Are deaf boxers trainable? A: Yes, deaf boxers are trainable. All dogs are natural masters at using and reading body language, so while deaf dogs canโ€™t learn voice commands, it should come as no surprise that they can learn hand signals.

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