Windows 10 and Windows 11 include two technologies that can be used for application control depending on your organization’s specific scenarios and requirements:

  • Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC); and
  • AppLocker

What version of Windows 10 do you use for WDAC? They can be applied to computers running any edition of Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and managed via Mobile Device Management (MDM), such as Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Intune. Group Policy or Intune can be used to distribute WDAC policies. what version/build of Windows 10 are you using?

What is Windows Defender application control (WDAC)? WDAC was also one of the features that comprised the now-defunct term “Device Guard.” Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) policies can be created on any client edition of Windows 10 build 1903+, or Windows 11, or on Windows Server 2016 and above.

What does WDAC stand for? Solutions and architecture Apps and services Some capabilities of Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) are only available on specific Windows versions. Learn more about the Windows Defender Application Control feature availability.

What is the difference between AppLocker and WDAC? WDAC is a security feature built on security boundaries that are guaranteed to be serviced by Microsoft. AppLocker is great, but it’s designed for when you are using application control to help users avoid running unapproved software and is not designed as a security feature.

wdac vs applocker

What’s new in WDAC? WDAC is undergoing continual improvements and will be getting added support from Microsoft management platforms. Although AppLocker will continue to receive security fixes, it will not undergo new feature improvements.

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Should I move from AppLocker to WDAC? I know Applocker is no longer being improved upon by MS so want to look at moving to WDAC. WDAC is a completely different beast and very easy to cause your machines to blue screen and not boot. If your AppLocker policies are well defined, I think there are some scripts out there that can convert it to a WDAC policy to save you some time.

Should I use AppLocker or WDAC with Intune? Stick with AppLocker, the configuration for WDAC is excessive to say the least. How excessive? I was looking over AppLocker setup in Intune and that came across as cumbersome to me. You have to setup AppLocker on a local computer first, export the XML data, and manually parse it out for each individual rule/profile that you create in Intune.

What is the best way to enforce WDAC? As a best practice, you should enforce WDAC at the most restrictive level possible for your organization, and then you can use AppLocker to further fine-tune the restrictions. Learn how to plan and implement a WDAC deployment.

What version of Windows 10 do you use for WDAC?

What is WDAC in Windows 10? Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), also referred to as Microsoft Defender Application Control (MDAC), was introduced with Windows 10 and allows you to control drivers and applications on your Windows clients. Some WDAC capabilities are available only on specific Windows versions. Cmdlets are available on all SKUs since 1909.

How do I deploy Windows Defender application control (WDAC) policies? Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) policies can easily be deployed and managed with Group Policy. Learn how by following this step-by-step guide. Audits allow admins to discover apps, binaries, and scripts that should be added to the WDAC policy. Learn how to plan and implement a WDAC deployment.

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How do I set up WDAC for Microsoft and 3rd party vendors? Choose the Template named “Signed and Reputable Mode” for Microsoft and 3 rd party Vendor Applications. Typing name for WDAC policy and directory location as shown: Rule type: Choose how to identify the application by publisher name, by path to application executable file or folder, by File attributes, by Packaged App, by File

Should I use AppLocker or WDAC? Here is the recommendation from Microsoft when choosing between the two technologies: “Generally, it is recommended that customers, who are able to implement application control using WDAC rather than AppLocker, do so. WDAC is undergoing continual improvements, and will be getting added support from Microsoft management platforms.

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