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  • Request an Uber. During the ride, swipe up on the Uber app and tap your payment method.
  • Tap Split Fare and enter the names or phone numbers of the other riders.
  • Each rider gets a message asking them to accept the split fare. When they do, the fare is split. If not, you are charged for that person’s portion.

How does Uber split fares between riders? Each person sharing the cost of this trip will need the the Uber app, as well as an active account with a valid payment method attached. In addition to their portion of the fare, each rider will also be charged a small fee ($0.25 in the US) for splitting the cost.

What is the Qantas Frequent flyer partnership with Uber? We’re proud to announce a new partnership that will give Qantas Frequent Flyer members the opportunity to earn Qantas Points when they book an Uber to-or-from eligible Australian airports through the airline’s app.*

How can I get $15 off my friend’s Uber ride? Invite friends to use Uber, and they’ll get $15 off their first ride. Options vary based on your city and region. If a rider chooses not to accept Split Fare or doesn’t have a valid payment method, you’ll be charged for both your portion and theirs. Active promotions on your account only apply to your share of the price.

How much does it cost to split fare? When splitting, each participating rider is charged a fee of 25 cents. Your receipt will show the total Split Fare fee for all riders. What if a rider doesn’t accept a Split Fare invitation?

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How does Uber split fares between riders?

How do you split a Lyft or Uber fare?

  • Request a ride through your Lyft application
  • Open the ride options menu
  • Tap “Split Fare”, and select up to 5 friends from your contact list
  • After they accept, the fare will be split evenly automatically

How to split Uber fares among several riders?

  • You can split an Uber fare if you’re calling a ride with friends or multiple people.
  • All riders will have to accept the Uber fare split invitation in their Uber app during the ride – it will no longer be an option once the ride is
  • If someone requests to split an Uber with you, all you have to do is accept their invitation in the Uber app.

How can I estimate an Uber fare? Uber‘s app and website have a built-in fare estimator tool. This feature allows you to estimate your fare in advance of your trip. While the fare estimate is intended to provide users with a general sense of the trip’s cost, it is extremely important to note that the final fare may not reflect the estimated cost.

How to request multiple stops using Uber? Request a ride with multiple stops

  • Open the Uber app and tap the “Where To?” box
  • Tap “+ Add multiple stops” to add up to 2 additional stops
  • Tap “DONE” to continue
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