The key to the handcuffs is universal. Don’t worry if you lose the original key of the handcuffs. You can open it with the key of other handcuffs. Sturdy and dependable hinged style cuffs can further restrict arm and hand movement. These are really strong and durable handcuffs.

How do you get out of handcuffs? To get out of these, inset your makeshift key into the lock, pointing away from the center of the handcuffs. Twist the key until you feel a slight click, then remove the key and re-insert it the other way to unlock the basic locking mechanism. Method 2 Escaping Standard Handcuffs with a Shim Download Article

Can I carry a handcuff key on my person? We recommend that if you choose to carry a universal handcuff key on your person and you find yourself in a brush with law enforcement, you immediately inform them of the location of the key to avoid the implication of any intent on your part to escape or do harm. We do not encourage any illegal use of handcuff keys.

How do you unlock a Double Lock handcuff? Unlock an extra lock for double-lock handcuffs. Double-lock handcuffs are essentially regular handcuffs with an extra locking mechanism for added security. To get out of these, inset your makeshift key into the lock, pointing away from the center of the handcuffs.

How do you make a makeshift key for a handcuff? Escaping Handcuffs with a Makeshift Key Find a bobby pin, paper clip, or piece of wire. To create a makeshift key, you will need a thin, bendable piece of metal. Straighten out the metal. If you are working with a bobby pin, use your thumb and forefinger to pull apart its two sides to straighten it out.

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where can you buy handcuffs

Why buy our police handcuffs? High-quality police cuffs, affordable and durable! Our police handcuffs and restraints are regularly used by professional law enforcement and private security personnel. In fact, the brands that we carry are so reliable and trusted, they are even used for prisoner transport operations.

Who is handcuff warehouse? The custom engraving came out perfect. These are my fifth fair of cuffs I’ve ordered. I have recommended you guys to my Brothers and Sisters with the LAPD. Thanks again Handcuff Warehouse is the leading distributor of handcuffs & restraints to law enforcement, corrections, military, security and medical facilities.

What are high security handcuffs? High security handcuffs provide greater security when transporting and detaining high risk and dangerous prisoners.

How do I know if my handcuffs are Mys? Having your name and badge number perminately marked on your handcuffs is the best way to make sure your handcuffs stay yours. Smith & Wesson is the manufacturer of the worlds most popular police handcuffs. Their model 100 handcuff is the best-selling metal restraint device in the world.

How do you get out of handcuffs?

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