Spanx leggings have become a popular fashion trend, with their flattering and comfortable fit. Many people have questions about sizing and whether they run small or large. In this article, we will go over an overview of whether Spanx leggings run small or not.

What are Spanx leggings?

Spanx leggings are traditional style leggings that have been designed with added compression throughout the leg and lower body. The compression helps to create a slimming effect throughout the buttocks, hips, and legs while also creating a more toned appearance.

Spanx leggings feature a unique non-slip grip waistband that prevents slippage when worn on its own or layered under your favorite dress or skirt. Additionally, Spanx leggings are constructed with comfort and support in mind; they are made from a blend of nylon, Lycra spandex, and elastane to fit comfortably and appropriately like a second skin offering moderate control for the wearer.

What sizes are available?

Spanx leggings come in sizes small to XXL, designed for women of all shapes and sizes. The main categories range from petite to plus size. Petite sizes include XS-L. Regular fits include X-L while plus fits are 1X-3X.

The Spanx Signature collection offers leggings with a “Compression Fit”. These run small and are designed to stay snug against your body, hugging both line of your curves. The other traditional fit is the new “Non Compression Fit” that is designed with a looser fit for a “just in case” feel and liens down slightly below the waist for a low-rider look.

Size charts are available via the official Spanx website, along with product recommendations based on body type and recommended squat proof items. Customers can also use their services such as virtual try ons which allow customers to pick an outfit online & virtually try it on before they make a purchase!


Spanx leggings come in various sizes and it can often be difficult to determine your best fit. It’s important to consider the size that you wear in other clothing brands when selecting a size for your Spanx leggings. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the sizing of Spanx leggings to help you make an informed decision.

Review of size chart

Understanding size charts to make the best size choice for Spanx leggings is key to having a successful online shopping experience. All Spanx styles have their own unique size chart, so it’s important to use the correct chart for the style that you’re ordering.

When reading a size chart, check first for your waist measurement and then check your hip measurement. Measurements are listed in inches and you should find both measurements on the same row. When measuring, be sure to keep your tape measure snug but not tight across all areas of your body.

Reviewing Size Chart:
Typically, Spanx leggings are designed with a high-rise waistband and a supportive structure in order to offer maximum coverage without compromising on comfort or mobility. The size charts vary slightly between styles depending on the design features, but it’s recommended that you order a size larger than what is stated on their website to ensure true-to-size fit and feel.

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The easiest way to quantify sizing is using letter sizes (XS – 3XL). With letter sizes, shoppers can check pre-set measurements in inches or centimeters and avoid guessing which number or double-digit size would be best for them. Letter sizes typically follow below:

  • XS — 0 – 2 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurements: 24” – 25”/ 34″ – 35″;
  • S — 4 – 6 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurements: 26” – 27”/ 36″ – 37″;
  • M — 8 – 10 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurements: 28”– 29”/ 38″ – 39″;
  • L — 12 – 14 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurement 30” – 31 1/2”/ 40″ – 41 1/2″;
  • XL — 16 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurement 34 1/4″ / 44 1/4″;
  • 2XL — 18 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurement 36 1/4″ / 46 1/4″;
  • 3XL — 20 Approximate Waist & Hip Measurement 39 3/8″ / 49 3/8″.

Tips for getting the right fit

When shopping for spanx leggings, it’s important to figure out what size will best fit your body. Spanx offers a variety of sizes designed to fit different body types and shapes – from XS through to XXL. Knowing your size will help ensure you get the right fit and proper amount of compression.

Before buying spanx leggings, measure your waist and hips at the largest point and make sure you select a size that corresponds with those measurements rather than selecting a size based on your clothing size. In general, Spanx leggings tend to run slightly small, so if there is any doubt in your mind when deciding between two sizes, it’s always best to go with the larger one.

Spanx also offers several products that are designed to accommodate customers who need more support or coverage than what traditional sizes provide. If you require more tummy control or leg length gives you trouble when it comes to finding the perfect fit, look for their extended sizing options which range from 1X-3X. The Spanx website also provides a Fit Finder quiz that helps customers determine their ideal size by capturing key figure characteristics and providing tailored product recommendations.

How to measure for Spanx leggings

It is important to ensure you are wearing the right size of Spanx leggings. If your leggings are too loose or too tight, you won’t get the full benefit and slimming effect that they offer. To get the right fit, measure around your waist at its smallest point (above your navel) and around your hips at their fullest point.

Once you have these measurements, it is easy to determine what size Spanx leggings will fit you best. The Size Chart provided by Spanx outlines their sizes in terms of numerical measurements (e.g., 0-6, 6-8, 10-12). The chart is provides an estimation of body sizes in inches for standard US size conversions. For instance, if your waist measurement falls between 26-27 inches and your hip measurement between 36-37 inches, an S/M should fit you best.

Spanx also provides a helpful video showing how to measure for leggings should you need further guidance on finding the perfect spanx fit which takes all the guesswork out of purchasing them – see the Spanx website for further details on this and other helpful tips when buying their products online.

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Spanx leggings are becoming increasingly popular for their flattering fit, comfort and breathability. Many people have been curious about how the Spanx leggings fit, and if they run small or true to size.

To gain better insight on this popular item, let’s take a look at the reviews from actual customers:

Pros and cons of Spanx leggings

Reviews of Spanx leggings reveal that customers often have positive experiences with the product. One of the main benefits to these leggings is their slimming capabilities, as they are made from a combination of nylon and spandex, giving them plenty of compression along with soft and comfortable fabric. Many reviews also claim that their snug fit maintains its shape and won’t become baggy after a few hours of wear.

On the other hand, some reviews note that Spanx leggings do run slightly small, so it’s important that customers purchase one size up to get an optimal fit – while still keeping in mind the intended compression. Additionally, some reviews mention that these leggings can be quite expensive when compared to other brands and can also be prone to snagging if care isn’t taken when wearing them.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews can be a helpful tool when making purchases, but it’s important to know that individual reviews may not provide an accurate representation of the product. Realizing that everyone has different body types and preferences, we looked at a variety of customer reviews related to Spanx leggings in order to get a better understanding of how they compare with other brands.

Generally speaking, customers have found Spanx leggings to be comfortable and flattering. Most people say they fit true to size, but some noted that they have a tight fit and run small compared with other brands. Additionally, many reviewers commented on the quality of the fabric and its resilience against wrinkling or fading after regular wear and wash cycles.

Those looking for extra support while working out may find that Spanx leggings are slightly thicker than average gym leggings; however, this is usually beneficial as it provides extra breathability for intense workouts. Others looking for more fashion-forward options were pleased with Spanx’s range of vibrant color choices.

Overall, customers seem pleased with the comfort and quality offered by Spanx leggings but recommend sizing up if you plan on frequently wearing them for athletic purposes or want a loose fit.


Spanx leggings may run small, making it difficult to find the right size. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that can provide the same slimming effects and comfortable fit. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something a bit more luxurious, there are several alternatives to Spanx leggings that can get the job done. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Alternative 1
  • Alternative 2
  • Alternative 3
  • Alternative 4
  • Alternative 5

Competing brands

Although Spanx leggings are very popular, there are plenty of other brands that may offer more suitable sizing options. Each clothing company is unique and will have different definitions when it comes to size measurements and fit. A few leading competitors in the leggings market are listed below:

  • Fabletics: This clothing company offers a large selection of athletic and leisurewear, including yoga pants, workout leggings and joggers. Sizes range from XXS to 3X, with some pieces offered in petite sizes as well.
  • Lululemon: As an industry leader for yoga apparel, Lululemon also provides running and leisurewear on their online store. Pants sizes start at XXS and go up to XL Extra Long. Women’s sizes normally fit true-to-size with stretchy material for a customized fit.
  • Athleta: This athleisure brand offers fashionable workout wear for any activity you can think of ranging from cycling to Pilates or barre classes. Legging sizes from Athleta come in various colors, fits and lengths that can accommodate any figure type including petite or tall frames. To find the perfect fit you should double check measurements before ordering as sizes vary based on the product but they normally run true to size with a flexible fabric that allows easy movement without hindering your performance or comfort level while working out or relaxing at home.
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Comparison of features

When comparing Spanx leggings to other brands, it is important to consider the various features offered. Spanx leggings generally feature a higher quality fabric that is comfortable and supportive. In terms of sizing, Spanx tends to run slightly on the smaller side and may require going up in size to achieve the desired fit. This can be beneficial for those looking for a more sculpted look.

Other features offered with Spanx leggings include:

  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Shapewear waistbands
  • Hidden pocketed compartments
  • Seam-free construction
  • Some styles are also designed with tummy control and thigh control panels for maximum shaping support.

When shopping for Spanx leggings or similar products from other brands, it is important to read through each product’s description carefully as different products can vary in fabric quality, construction details, and even sizing charts. Ultimately, choosing which style best suits your needs should come down to weighing out which factors are most important when selecting the item itself such as compression level or specific styling details like pockets or unique waistband designs.

Pros and cons of alternatives

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shapewear leggings, you may not have considered alternatives to Spanx. While Spanx has become an increasingly well-known brand over the last few years, there are other choices out there that can offer a similar level of support and comfort. Below we discuss the pros and cons of some popular alternatives to Spanx leggings.


  • There are a wide variety of styles, materials and sizes available on the market so that you can find the perfect pair to suit your individual needs.
  • Alternatives often come with unique features like tummy panels, more firm control technology and breathable fabric for ease of movement.
  • Some alternatives may be more affordable than Spanx leggings which is great for those on a budget.


  • It can be difficult to judge size without trying them on first as sizes may vary from brand to brand.
  • Some brands may not live up to their promises if they don’t have the same quality control measures in place as bigger brands such as Spanx leggings do.
  • Alternatives often come without return policies which makes it hard for customers who want to exchange or return faulty items or not satisfied with the fit or fabric feel of their product.

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