Preparing to put on false eyelashes can be quite daunting, especially if you’re a beginner. To get the look you want, it is important to take the right steps and make sure you have the right tools and products. Before you begin applying your false eyelashes, there are certain steps you must take in preparation, such as cleaning your face and prepping your natural lashes.

It is also important to know whether you should be applying the eyelashes before or after you have done your makeup. Let’s dive into this topic.

Choose the right type of false eyelashes

False eyelashes are a great way to add extra length and volume to your look, but they are not all the same. Different styles, lengths, and materials of false eyelashes provide different looks, so it’s important to understand the types before you decide which ones to buy.

  • Synthetic lashes: These lashes are often less expensive than other lashes and can be found in many varieties. They come in varying lengths, densities, and curls so you can choose the perfect style for your look.
  • Mink lashes: False mink eyelashes look very natural because their strands imitate real human hair more realistically. However, they are expensive and require special cleaning materials since they cannot be reused many times like synthetic or faux mink lashes.
  • Faux mink lashes: Faux mink falsies give similar results to those of real mink without an exorbitant price tag or a demanding maintenance routine. While these may not be as realistic as real mink eyelashes, they are lightweight, easy to work with and can still complete your makeup look while being cruelty-free!
  • Individual clusters: Also known as flare or knot-free individual clusters (KFIs). These false eyelash extensions come individually knotted on an ultra-thin band that makes them look longer and fuller in comparison to strip eyelash extensions; however it is important to note that placing these properly requires practice so it is better left to experienced lash technicians or makeup artists who specialize in false eyelashes installation.

Measure and trim the false eyelashes to fit your eyes

Before you apply false eyelashes, it is essential to measure and trim them so that they fit your eyes appropriately. To do this, first hold the false eyelash strips up to your eye and subtract approximately one quarter of an inch from their length. Then trim the ends off accordingly to ensure a comfortable fit that follows your natural eye shape.

After trimming, be sure to avoid any modifications that can alter their curl – curl needs time to drop and generally takes 24-48 hours after application.

Apply glue to the false eyelashes

Once you have chosen the type of false eyelashes and adhesive that is right for you, it is important to prepare them for application. Start by making sure that your natural lashes are free from makeup and oils, so they do not interfere with the application of the false eyelashes.

To apply glue to the false eyelashes, squeeze a small amount of adhesive onto the back of your hand. Gently run the strip of lashes along the glue, working from one side to another in a sweeping motion. Make sure all parts of the lash have been fully coated but be careful not to add too much glue as this can cause clumps and prevent proper adhesion.

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When you are done applying glue, let them sit for a moment or two before placing them on your eyes – this will allow them to become tacky and make application easier.

Applying Makeup

Applying makeup is all about getting that perfect look. Whether you are going for a natural look or something more dramatic, there are certain steps you need to take to make sure that everything is in place. One of those steps is applying false eyelashes. But should you put them on before or after doing your makeup? Let’s explore this question further.

Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner

Before applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, make sure to lightly moisturize your eyelids using a moisturizer specifically for the eye area. Wait for a few minutes for your skin to absorb the moisture before starting with the makeup.

Applying eyeshadow is an essential part of your makeup look. Eyeshadows come in various finishes and textures, from matte, satin, metallic and glittery shimmers to cream-based sticks and liquid eyeshadows. Start by finding a light-colored eyeshadow shade (e.g., white or ivory) as your base color for all over your lid as it will create a brightening effect to your eye area. Then you can go ahead and apply the darker shades into the crease, blending them into each other seamlessly. Make sure to use a blending brush during application – this will prevent an unnatural look.

Eyeliner is great for sharpening up your eye shape while providing definition at the same time. Choose the type of eyeliner that best suits you – pencil, liquid or gel –and use short strokes/dabs when drawing your line along lower lashes until hitting the outer corner of each eye. Avoid going too close to upper waterline as this may worsen irritating symptoms if you have any allergies or sensitive skin near that area. If you are planning on applying false lashes, leave enough space between lash line and liner so that you can place false lashes easily without smudging it with glue later on.

Apply mascara

Applying mascara is one of the most important steps when putting makeup on. It defines, lengthens, and adds drama to your eyes. Make sure to start by curling your upper eyelashes and then you can proceed with applying mascara.

Start at the base of your eyelashes and wiggle the mascara wand in a zigzag motion as you glide it up towards the tips of your eyelashes. Wait for each side of your lashes to dry before going in for another coat. As a rule, apply two thin coats since thick coats have a chance of clumping up or smudging onto the bottom lid later on in the day.

When finished, be sure to remove any excess product from the eyebrow area with a Q-Tip or an old clean mascara wand so that it does not transfer onto your brow bone or any other part of your face when applying foundation or concealer later!

Curl your natural lashes

Curl your natural lashes before applying fake eyelashes for best results. Curling your natural lashes before applying false eyelashes will help your false lashes blend in more seamlessly. It also helps create the right shape and look you want to achieve, as curling will lift and separate the lashes, making them appear fuller and more feathered.

Use an eyelash curler and be sure to clamp the lash down safely but firmly in the middle section of curled lashes rather than at the base of your eyelids so that you don’t pinch your skin. Be sure to curl both eyes evenly for maximum effect.

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Applying False Eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes is an art and there are many ways to do it right. Whether you are using individual lashes, strip lashes or professional flares, mastering the art of getting the perfect lash look can be tricky. The most important step is determining when to put on your false lashes – before or after your makeup.

Let us explore the pros and cons of both methods:

Secure the false eyelashes to your lash line

Applying false eyelashes can be a tricky process, but with a bit of practice and the right technique, you can master the art of lash application. After picking out your favorite style of false lashes, decide whether you want to wear them before or after your makeup application. Some people prefer to apply the lashes first and then follow up with their regular makeup routine; others prefer to do their makeup first, so they don’t have to worry about getting eye shadow and liner on the false eyelashes.

Whichever method you choose, start by ensuring that your natural lashes are curled and free from any mascara or other makeup residue. Then hold the outer edge of the lash strip against your lower lash line and measure it against your eye. Trim off any excess length from the outer corner if necessary.

Once you have trimmed the false eyelashes to fit, apply a thin layer of high-quality lash glue along the band at each end keeping in mind that latex-free formulas are better for sensitive eyes. So that it dries tacky enough to get good adherence between lash band and skin wait 15-30 seconds before applying them so it gets tacky/sticky. Follow this procedure for both ends of each lash strip and let set for 30 seconds or until completely dry (this prevents slipping). Securely adhere each strip to your lower lid near (but not directly next to) natural lash line by pressing firmly with tweezers – Start close to inner corner with tweezers angled slightly downwards before attaching opposite end at outer edge (not down). Wait another 30 seconds before opening eyes fully in order ensure secure attachment.

To finish off your look, use a cotton swab or Q-tip dipped in some rubbing alcohol to remove any excess glue on your skin as needed once all lashes are on. Lastly brush through all individual false eyelashes using an eyelash comb which will not only make them look more natural but will ensure that they blend into real ones – ensuring there is no visible dividing line between two sets!

Blend your natural and false eyelashes together

Once you’ve applied your false eyelashes, the next step is to blend them in with your natural lashes. Start by gently pressing down where the strip meets your lash line. This helps the false lashes to settle in and adhere firmly. If you don’t press them down, there is a risk that they will start to move around throughout the day and become loose.

You can use tweezers to carefully lift up individual lashes on the strip and brush mascara through both your real and false eyelashes together. Doing this will add color, shape and dimension to your lashes, making them appear fuller and more natural than if you had used only falsies.

Another way to blend false lashes with your own is by adding a light layer of darker eyeshadow along the base of both sets of eyelashes. This simple trick adds depth as it gives the illusion of blending two different textures – real roots and glossy tips – together seamlessly while also creating beautiful definition along your lash line.

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Apply more mascara

Having applied your false eyelashes, you can add a more natural look by applying more mascara. Begin by using an eyelash separator to separate lashes individually, then apply two to three light coats of mascara. This will soften the line between natural and false eyelashes, allowing you to achieve a more finished or dramatic look.

Make sure not to overload the false lashes with mascara or glue because this can create an unnatural look. Use black brown as opposed to black mascara as it looks much softer and can blend in with your natural lash color better.

Finish your eye makeup by applying an eyeshadow and/or eyeliner of choices and some blush if desired. Finally, set your makeup with a facial mist spray before going on the finishing touches such as lipstick or lipgloss!

Finishing Touches

Applying false eyelashes is a great way to give your makeup a finishing touch. It can be tricky to decide whether to apply false eyelashes before or after makeup. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on the type of makeup you are wearing. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when applying false eyelashes. Let’s take a look at those now:

Add concealer to cover any glue residue

False eyelashes can transform your look, adding style and drama to any makeup look. Before applying your false eyelashes, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation work. Make sure you choose lashes that suit the shape of your eyes and ensure they are the correct length.

Once you have picked out your favorite pair of falsies, it’s time to put on the glue. Always start with a thin coat of lash glue along both sides of the band and wait for 20-30 seconds until tacky before sticking them in position. Gently press down on the corners and then in between each individual lash to make sure they are secure.

Afterwards, finish off with a touch of concealer along the lashline to mask any glue residue and blend your makeup look together beautifully. Concealer can also help create a smoother base over which to add darker eyeshadow colours to achieve that smokey eye effect. Doing this adds extra definition at the same time as cover up any adhesive residue from false eyelashes for a seamless result!

Add highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes

Adding a soft highlight to the inner corner of your eyes brings more attention to them and make a huge difference in opening them up. Using a light beige color, a natural bone color, or even one that matches your skin tone will make your eyes look larger and brighter. You can use either powder or cream form, but if you are using shadow, you may need a damp brush (dabbed with water to remove any extra) for a more pigmented result. Make sure to blend the color across your lid for a seamless effect.

Finally, add mascara for luscious lashes and you will be ready to go!

Add a few coats of volumizing mascara

To finish the look and bring together the false eyelashes, it is a good idea to add a few coats of volumizing mascara to top and bottom lashes. This will create an even more dramatic look while blending your natural lashes with the false ones and making that transition as seamless as possible.

Make sure not to coat your falsies with mascara as it will cause them to stick together, making them difficult to manage later. A light coat of mascara over natural lashes can bring them up to the level of volume desired for your finished look.

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