Young Living Essential Oils has been providing high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils to committed users for over two decades. The company prays for the healing energy their products bring and creates an incomparable alternative to chemically-filled products on the market today. But with every success story and testimonial, there is skepticism that comes along as well. Needless to say, it often leads many of us asking the question – does Young Living really work?

The answer is yes! With over 11.8 million members worldwide, Young Living has quickly earned itself a solid reputation in the essential oil industry. They cultivate their own essential oils using exclusive farming partnerships, strict quality control procedures and cutting-edge distillation technologies. In addition to producing their own therapeutic-grade essential oils, Young Living Essential Oils also offers a comprehensive range of products such as:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • All natural skin and body care items
  • Aroma diffusers
  • And more!

As such, it’s no surprise that Young Living Essentials Oils continues to gain popularity throughout the world over hundreds of years – proves that it works!

What is Young Living?

Young Living is a multi-level marketing company based in Utah, USA that markets dietary supplements, personal care and aromatherapy products. Founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young, Young Living markets a range of products that come from its farms in Utah, Idaho and Pennsylvania as well as from other sources.

The company claims to adhere to meticulous production standards and use therapies such as essential oils (aromatherapy), herbology, plant extracts and homeopathy. It also claims to employ state-of-the-art laboratory techniques with the aim of producing products of superior quality. Young Living has come under scrutiny numerous times due to allegations of deceptive marketing practices and deceptive labelling practices.

This does not necessarily mean the products do not work; it could simply mean that certain claims about the efficacy of certain products are overstated or exaggerated. Therefore, it is important for consumers to do their due diligence when considering buying Young Living products by researching reviews from honest users who have tried them before making a purchase decision.

Benefits of Young Living

Young Living is a company that offers products to help with overall health and wellbeing for people of all ages. They offer essential oils, supplements, and natural health products that are made from natural, pure ingredients. With Young Living products, you can enjoy many benefits to your physical and mental health.

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Let’s take a deeper look into the advantages of using Young Living products:

Health Benefits

Young Living Essential Oils are used for a variety of health benefits including balancing hormones, improving digestion, speeding up healing time and aiding in weight loss. They are also known to aid in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Young Living has even been known to help improve skin complexion and provide relief from colds, flu and allergies.

Young Living promotes that these essential oils have medicinal properties due to the fact that they are made from plants grown in specific regions of the world where the climate is perfect for growing the herb or tree being used for extraction. This means that the constituents are largely unaltered, providing a true extract of that plant’s essence. Combined with proper preparation methods such as distillation or expression, Young Living Essential Oils contain high concentrations of active components that create powerful therapeutic results when used alone or combined with other techniques.

Essential oils can be applied topically or inhaled; however it is important to do so only after consulting with an aromatherapist or physician since some types of essential oils can cause adverse effects depending on individual sensitivities. When using essential oils for medical purposes it is best to use a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil so as not to irritate delicate areas of skin. Additionally, some people may experience contact allergies when exposed to certain oils; external applications are therefore not recommended without professional consultation.

Financial Benefits

One of the main financial benefits of Young Living Essential Oils is the income generation opportunity through multi-level marketing schemes. Young Living Essential Oils distributors purchase their products at wholesale prices and are given a discount when they become members. This allows them to make a profit when they sell the product to their customers at retail prices.

Distributors can also increase their income by gathering referrals and recruiting more people into their network so that they can earn commission on sales.

Furthermore, members also benefit from Young Living’s bonus structure which rewards distributors for hitting sales targets or reaching certain levels in terms of team size or recruiting success. Not only are there ways to earn additional money through commissions and group bonuses, but there are also various awards like sponsored trips, designer lifestyle items and cash prizes that awarded to those who reach certain performance goals.

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Therefore, becoming a distributor with Young Living can be financially lucrative for long time supporters as well as new entrants into the network.

How Does Young Living Work?

Young Living is a company that offers a variety of essential oils and health-related products. Their mission is to provide consumers with pure and natural products that are free of harsh chemicals. By using the highest-quality essential oils, they promise to help create a healthier lifestyle.

But how does Young Living actually work? Let’s take a deeper dive into what the company offers and how it works.

Seed to Seal Process

Young Living is an essential oil company that has been providing naturally derived products and solutions since 1994. From farm to home, their rigorous Seed to Seal process works to ensure that each oil is subjected to strict standards of purity and potency through cultivation, harvest, distillation process, quality control and commitment to the environment.

The Seed to Seal Process starts with researching the harvesting of seeds from the most ideal location before planting them in carefully monitored soil conditions. The soil must provide optimal nutrition, moisture content, and other growing conditions in order for a successful crop. Once vegetation matures and is ready for harvest, workers are then carefully trained in order to handpick each plant at its peak condition with minimal damage.

Next up is the distillation process wherein workers use specialized steam or hydro distillation processes in order to extract optimal formulas from a single plant species or from multiple varieties that are grown together in close proximity. Herein lies further quality control as each batch of essential oil undergoes chromatographic analysis in order to detect any potential contaminates or synthetic additives before being sent off for testing by a third-party facility.

Finally, after all tests have been completed and results analyzed, Young Living labels each bottle with product information so that consumers can easily identify the ingredients they are using while still protecting the confidentiality of those who participate in their unique Seed to Seal Process – all while preserving ethical trade practices at all stages of production.

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Young Living Products

Young Living produces a variety of essential oils and other healthy lifestyle products, including supplements, diffusers, kids’ products and more. These products can be used in many ways: aromatically, topically and internally.

Essential oils are most commonly used aromatically through a diffuser or an inhaler stick. When using a diffuser, you add a couple of drops to the device and it forces the aroma into the air. Inhaler sticks are small cylinders that work similarly; you simply place them under your nose, directly inhale the scent and breathe in deeply through your nose as many times as you need.

Topical use is another common means of applying essential oils to the body. Simply put a few drops in your hand or directly on your skin for absorption purposes. Diluting essential oils with a carrier oil – such as coconut oil – is recommended before applying them topically for sensitive skin. Internal use is also possible with certain beverages; one or two drops into your drink provides therapeutic benefits kept throughout the body.

Finally, Young Living carries supplements which typically come in both pill form or liquid form for those who have difficulty swallowing pills; these capsules are easy to swallow whether taken with food or separately from meals. Although all these options can provide great healing benefits from Young Living products, it is best to consult with an expert before deciding which usage method is right for you!


After reviewing the available research, it appears that Young Living essential oils may help improve overall wellbeing, especially when used as part of holistic self-care practices. While there is some scientific evidence to support the use of Young Living products, it is still limited and further studies are needed to clarify the effects of these essential oils.

Ultimately, if you are considering using Young Living products, we recommend that you speak with a qualified healthcare provider to discuss your personal needs and whether or not these products can benefit you. Also, since health benefits may vary from person to person, it’s important to use caution and pay attention to your own body when introducing any new product or practice into your daily routine.

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