Trying Decorative Solutions

  • 1 Arrange houseplants in front of the pipes to conceal them.
  • 2 Hang a curtain or fabric in front of the pipes for easy access to them.
  • 3 Highlight the pipes instead of trying to hide them.
  • 4 Paint the pipes so they blend into the wall color.
  • 5 Add joints to create a pipe structure that you can hang things from.

How do I Stop my basement from leaking from outside? The most effective way to protect your basement from water that leaks in from outside the foundation is to install an interior drain and sump pump system. The patented WaterGuard® drain system available from Basement Systems is a hidden interior drain that captures water before it reaches the basement floor.

How to seal a water pipe through a basement wall? How to Seal a Water Pipe Through a Basement Wall. 1 Step 1. Locate the pipe in the basement wall that needs sealing. Use a dry cloth to blot up water that may have leaked through the hole. If there is a 2 Step 2. 3 Step 3. 4 Step 4. 5 Step 5.

How do you hide plumbing pipes in a basement? You’ll have to balance the flow of the room with your desire to conceal the piping, but in many cases the answer is already sitting in your basement ready to go! If the pipes are horizontal and low to the ground, something like a sideboard, or better yet, a couch, can block a good amount of space near the floor.

Where do pipes go in a basement? In most cases, the pipes might go through the interior or the exterior part of the basement wall, and in some cases, they are fixed right inside the wall before plastering and other wall dressings.

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How do I Stop my basement from leaking from outside?

How do you fix a leaky basement? A leaky basement window will commonly have a steel or timber frame that has sustained damage from water or corrosion. If you spot a crack in your basement window frame, you can caulk it for a temporary solution. Check the surrounding area for more damage and apply caulk as needed.

What causes a basement to leak? An old, broken, or poorly built window well is the most common cause of a leaking basement window. Your house’s foundation might shift as it ages, and cracks might form if your window well hasn’t been replaced since the house was built.

How do you pressure wash a foundation? Use heavy duty brush to clean up the surface of the foundation if water presser does not clean up all dirt from the wall. Make a slight incline in the patched area, slanting it from the floor upward toward the wall. This provides extra strength to the patched area and helps drain away any moisture that might accumulate in the future

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