Mexico Postal Code / Zip Codes. Press Ctrl + F and start typing your area name to find out your postal code The need for a zip code system reflects the natural evolution of humankind, in the course of which, along with the growth of population and the expansion of cities, the delivery of mail has become more complex.

What are the postal codes in Mexico? Postal codes in Mexico. They are of five digits and modelled on the US ZIP Code system. The first two digits identify a state (or part thereof); and assignments are done alphabetically by state name, except for codes in the 0xxxx–1xxxx range which identify the delegaciones (boroughs) of Mexico City .

Do I need to State Street address in Mexico City? It is common in Mexico City to not only provide the street name and number (if it exists), but also to state between which perpendicular streets the address is located. This applies to taxis, store delivery services, and often needs to be put on official documents.

How do I contact Correos de México? Correos de México customer services, Tel: 01 800 701 7000 (toll-free) Find more information about all the services available (in Spanish as the English page is often unreliable) Post offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to mid-afternoon and on Saturday mornings.

Is it worth using Correos de México’s mexpost service? The service can be unreliable and slow and to ensure that a package or important mail arrives in a timely manner, it may be worth using its MexPost service, although this may be more expensive. Correos de México customer services, Tel: 01 800 701 7000 (toll-free)

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What are the postal codes in Mexico?

Are there ZIP codes in Mexico? There are over 36.000 ZIP codes in Mexico. First select an state, then by municipalities until you find the ZIP Code of the area. You can also use the map to find the ZIP code based on your location. Choose the state to search for ZIP Codes State State Capital ZIP Range

What is the dialling code for Mexico? Mexico Phone Code: 52. Mexico City Area Code: 55. Mexico City Dial Code: +52 55. City.

What is Mexico ZIP code? Mexico Postal Code 06600 Profile and Map.

What area codes are in New Mexico? Today, the Area code 505 covers Albuquerque and Santa Fe and the surrounding Area of the metro and northwestern New Mexico. Area code 575 covers the rest of the state. Changes and the History of New Mexico Area Codes: 01 / 01 / 1947 Area code 505 was put into service.

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