What do you put in a Harry Potter party? Make in their favorite House colors, characters, and other wizarding favorites from the book series and movies. Find our full Harry Potter party supplies list on Amazon*, or check out these cake pans, cake toppers, cookie cutters, and other Harry Potter cake supplies to bake your masterpiece!

What kind of Cake did Hagrid give Harry Potter? According to the book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the cake given to Harry by Hagrid was sticky chocolate cake with pink frosting. The ‘Happy Birthday Harry’ written on top used green frosting. Who does Harry Potter cakes?

How many layers does a Harry Potter birthday cake have? This four-layer cake pays tribute to the Sorting Hat at the top, followed by floating candles of the Great Hall, then the stone blocks of Hogwarts, and platform 9 ¾. (via Pin image) Here are some ideas to top off your Harry Potter birthday cake creation.

What do you put in a Harry Potter party?

What to do for a Harry Potter birthday party? Some of these Harry Potter Party Ideas are so simple that even small kids can set up. Most of the ideas are kid friendly and can be carried out without spending much. Anyways, let me start our list of Best Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas. Give your guests a real good entrance. Get a curtain and paint it like a bricked wall.

What is the best Harry Potter party decoration? Harry Potter Birthday Idea #19: This Wooden Harry Potter Party Sign is the perfect party decoration. You can have different party table themes that correspond with a specific wizarding place like the Ministry of Magic, Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade so the signs will fit in more perfectly with your theme!

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What is the best Harry Potter party snack? Best Harry Potter Party Snacks and Sweet Treats 1 make a mini version of honeydukes. 2 gryffindor popcorn. 3 honeyduke’s special wizard’s treat mix. 4 butterbeer fudge. 5 hp cookies. 6 happee birthdae, harry! 7 butterbeer cupcakes. 8 sorting cupcakes. 9 harry potter glasses cupcakes. 10 butterbeer ice cream.

What to give at Hogwarts? Hogwarts’ Owlery: Inspired by Maria’s goodies, gift each attendee their very own Hedwig, Pigwidgeon or Errol with these mini plush owls. You can even tie a small thank you note to their wings! An Ollivander wand: Take your little witches and wizards to Ollivander’s Wand Shop with a few of these magic wands.

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