When an airman seeking a Special Issuance enters the HIMS program, he or she will be required to complete the following initial steps:

  • The airman must submit to a substance abuse assessment;
  • The airman must complete a 28-day (preferably in-patient) treatment program addressing his or her substance dependence;
  • The airman must establish peer and company sponsorship
  • Following the initial treatment program, the airman must complete 3 months of intensive outpatient follow up
  • The airman must regularly attend peer group meetings;

What is hims and how does it work? What is HIMS? HIMS is an occupational substance abuse treatment program, specific to pilots, that coordinates the identification, treatment, and return to work process for affected aviators. It is an industry-wide effort in which managers, pilots, healthcare professionals, and the FAA work together to preserve careers and enhance air safety.

Is a Hims program “customized” to fit a non-airline situation? As mentioned earlier, the HIMS program has grown over the years to include other substances of abuse, and has also expanded into the GA sector as well. Whether a HIMS program is ”customized” to fit a non-airline situation, the cornerstones of HIMS must be met in principle, even with respect to the private pilot.

How long does a pilot have to be monitored under Hims? After more than 10 years since the recommendation came out, the FAA recently adopted the recommendation, and that leads to years of monitoring and for some pilots, lifelong monitoring under a HIMS special issuance authorization. How does a pilot with a third-class medical end up being required to enter the HIMS program?

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How can I help a pilot get back in the air? Helping pilots get back in the air from pilots who have been there. The HIMS program is a world-wide, aviation industry supported, confidential peer mentoring program designed to assist and support airline pilots through recovery and rehabilitation from an addiction or substance dependence diagnosis, facilitating a safe return back to work.

alpa hims program

What is a Hims program? HIMS is classified as a safety program with a goal of continual monitoring and support of the pilot patient, and is considered a team effort between the pilot, the treatment program, support groups or individuals, and specially designated AMEs called HIMS AMEs.

What is a Hims sponsor? If the airline has a HIMS program, usually this is another line pilot who may be involved as a union representative. If this isn’t available, it is still important for the pilot in treatment to have some sort of sponsor either from the airline, or from the aviation industry. The chief pilot is the preferred company sponsor when applicable.

What is a Hims AME? A HIMS AME has completed a weeklong initial training program with refresher updates every three years. About 20 years ago, the program was opened up to noncommercial pilots seeking third-class medical certification for private flying.

What is the Hims Advisory Board? The HIMS advisory board oversees the work, with representatives from the airline industry, FAA, and aeromedical groups. On average, about 120 pilots per year are being identified, treated, and returned to work.

What is hims and how does it work?

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