Regarding degree completion:

  • “In 2014, philosophy accounted for 0.42% of the approximately 1.7 million bachelor’s degrees conferred by U.S. institutions of higher learning.
  • “Master’s degree completions in philosophy approximately doubled from 1987 to 2009 (rising from 536 to 1,064), before briefly falling below 1,000 in 2011 and then rising to 1,071 degrees in 2014.”

Is philosophy a good major? Philosophy ranks higher than majors like engineering and life sciences in terms of its return on investment (i.e., how much graduates earn compared to how much their schools spent educating them). It’s important to realize that these facts are based on people who majored in philosophy, not people who entered a specific occupation.

How much does a philosopher make? A philosopher salary can range depending on the field they specialize in. Some philosophy careers may pay around $50,000 while others can exceed upwards of $100,000. As a philosophy major, it is crucial to develop transferable skills.

What are the different types of Philosophy degrees? Types of Philosophy Degrees 1 Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. With a bachelor’s in philosophy, students are introduced to the basic principles of the field and adopt the important skills of analysis, rhetoric, writing and critical 2 Master’s Degree in Philosophy. 3 Doctoral Degree in Philosophy.

How do I become a philosopher? How to Become a Philosopher 1 Get a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Going to an accredited university to earn your BA in philosophy is the first step in becoming a Philosopher. 2 Go to graduate school to earn your master’s degree or PhD in philosophy. 3 Select an area of specialization. 4 Write a dissertation.

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Is philosophy a good major?

What careers can you get with a Philosophy degree? What can I do after MA in philosophy?

  • Human resources. A career in philosophy is helpful in developing the skills required to efficiently work in HR.
  • Counsellor/ mediator.
  • Journalism and writing.
  • Academia and research.
  • Advertising and marketing.

What are good skills to complement a philosophy major? What Types of Skills Are Best for a Philosophy Major?

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Being good at “logic” is about knowing how to look at a problem and reason through it.
  • Reading and writing skills.
  • Communication and public speaking skills.

Is philosophy the toughest major? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 hardest majors based on average GPA. You can read more about our methodology here. By average Grade Point Average, the fields include: Chemistry – 2.78 GPA; Mathematics – 2.90; Economics – 2.95; Biology – 3.02; Geology – 3.03; Philosophy – 3.08; Finance – 3.08; Physics – 3.10; Computer Science – 3.13

Is a degree in philosophy worth it? Yes, philosophy is essential. Philosophy is essential to having an open mind, a mind that questions things and does not just take knowledge about things for granted. Studying philosophy makes you a great conversationalist because you can jump in and talk about just about any topic, and you can consider other people’s opinions for their merit.

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