Understanding how to convert weight measurements between the U.S. and the British systems of measurement can be challenging. Both systems make use of the pound (lb) but the U.K. uses an additional measurement called a stone (st). Knowing how to convert between the two different weights can be useful, especially when traveling or reading recipes from a foreign source.

To determine how many stones (st) are equivalent to 148 pounds (lbs), we’ll need to do some basic math using a conversion factor of 0.0714286 stones/pound (lbs). This means that one pound is equivalent to 0.0714286 stones. Let’s put this into action and calculate 148 pounds in stones:

  • 148 lbs * 0.0714286 st/lb = 10.57143 st

Therefore, there are 10.57143 stones in 148 pounds, or written out in full, 148 pounds is equal to 10 stone 7 and 14/25 pounds (10 st 7 14/25 lbs).

Background on the British Imperial System

The British Imperial System is a system of measurement and weights used in the United Kingdom. It is still commonly used in many British Commonwealth countries today. There are two different weight measurements in the British Imperial System, pounds and stones.

In this section, we will discuss how these measurements translate and what 148 pounds is in stones.

Overview of the British Imperial System of Measurement

The British Imperial System of measurement is a historic system that was used primarily in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries up until the middle of the 20th century. Even today, some people in the UK still use this system to measure weights and distances. The base unit of mass within this system was known as a stone, which was equivalent to 14 pounds or 6.350296 kilograms.

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The British Imperial System is divided into two main categories: Avoirdupois System, used for measuring mass; and Troy System, used for measuring weight. One pound (avoirdupois) is equal to 14 ounces; one ounce is equal to 16 drams; one dram is equal to 27 grains; and one grain is equal to 64th parts of an ounce or 1/7000th parts of a pound (Troy). In this system, 148 lbs would be expressed as 10 stone 5 lbs or 10 st 5 lbs in short notation.

Though the British Imperial System has mostly been replaced with metric measurements in most countries, it is still widely used among some people who prefer that traditional style of measurement units. This may be due to its ease of use compared with metric measures when calculating certain measurements. It can also be helpful for conversion between different types of measurements when comparing different systems – such as between pounds and ounces on one hand, and grams on the other hand.

Definition of a Stone

The stone is a unit of measurement that was used in Great Britain and Ireland for measuring weight until the late 20th century. It is still widely used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A stone is composed of 14 pounds, or 6.35029318 kilograms, so when a weight is expressed in stones it must also include pounds to make up the full measure. Commonly, when people use stones to measure their body weight it will be expressed as a number of stones and pounds. For example, a person who weighs 148 pounds would say they weigh 10 stones and 8 pounds (10st 8lb).

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The imperial system has largely been abandoned in favor of the metric system, which uses units such as grams and kilograms that are easier to use for most calculations. However, despite being replaced by the metric system in many contexts, the stone remains popular particularly among fitness enthusiasts or anyone needing to track their bodyweight over time.

Calculating 148 Pounds in Stone

Converting weight from pounds to stones is a relatively simple process. It is common to see people expressing their weight in stone, especially in the UK. Knowing how to convert pounds to stone can be helpful for anyone who needs to convert their weight from pounds to stones, whether it is for medical or other purposes.

In this article we will look at how to convert 148 pounds into stones:

Using a Conversion Calculator

There are many online calculators that can help you quickly and easily convert weight measurements from pounds (lbs) to stones (st). A conversion calculator allows you to input the desired weight in pounds and then indicate the measurement type you would like it converted to (in this case stones). The calculator will then provide an answer, usually in decimals.

For example, if a person were 148 lbs, the calculator would show an answer of 10.571429 st.

It is important to remember that one stone is equal to 14 lbs and one pound is equal to 0.07142857 st. Therefore, when using a conversion calculator it might be helpful to remember this ratio when entering data into the calculator or interpreting its output.

Many websites provide conversion calculators for free; however, it is important to double check calculations performed by online calculators with other online sources or established tables for accuracy.

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Using a Conversion Table

Converting your weight from pounds to stones is quite simple. By using a conversion chart, you can quickly and easily determine approximately how many stones it is equal to. To calculate 148 pounds in stone, locate the row that corresponds to your weight in pounds and the column labeled “st”:

Pounds (lb) 4 st 8 lb 4 st 12 lb 5 st 4 lb 5 st 8 lb 5 st 12 lb
140 lbs 3 st 14 lb 4 st 0 lb 4 st 4 lb 4 st 8 lb 4 st 12 lb
141 lbs 3 st 14 lb 4 st 1 lb 4 st 5 lb 4 st 9 lb 4 st 13 lb
142 lbs 3 st 15 lb 4 st 2 lb 4 st 6 lb 4 st 10 lb 5 st 0 lb
143 lbs 3 st 15 lb 4 st 3 lb 4 st 7 lb 4 st 11 lb 4 st 15 lb
144 lbs 4 st 0 lb 4 st 4 lb 4 st 8 lb 4 st 12 lb 4 st 16 lb
145 lbs 4 st 0 lb 4 st 1 lb 4 st 5 lb 4 st 9 lb 4 st 13 lb
146 lbs 4 st 2 lb 4 st 4 lb 4 st 8 lb 4 st 12 lb 4 st 16 lb
147 lbs 4 st 3 lb 4 st 7 lb 4 st 11 lb 4 st 15 lb 4 st 19 lb
148 lbs 4 st 4 lb 4 st 8 lb 4 st 12 lb 4 st 16 lb 4 st 20 lb


The final answer is that 148 pounds is equal to 10.571429 stones. This conversion can be useful when producing measurements for recipes, dieting plans or other situations where calculations using different units of measurement may be necessary.

It is important to remember that the conversion of pounds to stones should always be used with caution since it could lead to unintended consequences if not used correctly.

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