The Five Guys milkshake is a delicious treat that is available at their locations around the world. With their creamy shake made with fresh ingredients, it’s easy to see why they have become so popular.

If you’re wondering how much the milkshake costs, then this guide will provide you with all the information you need. You can also find out what flavors are available and additional toppings that can be added to make your shake even more special. So, let’s take a look at the price of a milkshake from Five Guys and learn more about what they offer!

Overview of Five Guys Milkshakes

Five Guys milkshakes are an indulgent treat for any occasion. With a variety of flavors, you can choose from classic shakes to unique seasonal offerings. From classic vanilla to unique flavors like raspberry, salted caramel and peanut butter, Five Guys milkshakes can be customized to your liking.

Find out more about Five Guys milkshakes, including how much they cost.


Five Guys shakes come in a variety of classic flavors, allowing you to choose something that fits your taste buds. Whether it’s traditional vanilla and chocolate, or something more complex like Mint Chocolate Chip or Strawberry Cheesecake, Five Guys has something for everyone. Here is an overview of the five most popular milkshake flavors:

  • Vanilla: Vanilla is the classic milkshake flavor – consisting simply of ice cream and vanilla flavoring. The creamy, sweet flavor makes it a favorite amongst all age groups.
  • Chocolate: This flavor uses ice cream and cocoa powder and results in a rich, decadent shake that pairs perfectly with any topping or mix-in option at Five Guys.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Incorporates mint ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate chips for a fresh take on a beloved treat.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Blends creamy cheesecake ice cream with luscious strawberry syrup to create a unique flavor profile.
  • Banana: Contains banana as well as additional fruits to create an irresistible blend that tastes like summer days.
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Five Guys milkshakes are made with high-quality ingredients and include no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Their milkshakes use real cream and ice cream, blended together with each shake’s specific ingredients.

  • Every banana shake is made up of real bananas cooked in a blend of juices and then blended with their creamy ice cream to create a smooth texture and flavor.
  • Every strawberry shake is made with traditional farm-fresh strawberries that are cooked to perfection in a blend of ripe strawberries, juices and then blended with the creamy vanilla ice cream.
  • Other flavors include Oreo, mocha, cookies & cream, chocolate, salted caramel and coconut to name a few—all carefully blended together for maximum flavor.


Five Guys offers a variety of milkshake flavors and prices them so that you can get one to suit your budget. Prices range from a 12 oz. small shake (which usually serves one) for $3.49, to a 24 oz. large shake (which usually serves two or more) for $5.49.

The hand-spun shakes come in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, as well as other specialty varieties such as peanut butter cup and Oreo cookie depending on the time of year or regional variations. Vanilla soft serve cones are also available – small cones start at $1.99 while large cones are around $2.99 each.

Cost of a Five Guys Milkshake

Five Guys milkshakes are a popular treat available at their locations around the country. From classic vanilla and chocolate options to specialty shakes like strawberry or banana, Five Guys has a range of milkshakes that are sure to please everyone.

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But how much do these shakes cost? Let’s take a look.

Variations in Price

The cost of a Five Guys Milkshake varies by location. Prices typically range from around $4.99 (for a small size 8oz) to $6.99 (for a large size 16oz). These prices can vary depending on the specific milkshake flavor, the type of store you are in (corporate or franchised), and even the season or day of the week.

Additional factors that may also impact pricing include beverage taxes, menu items purchased along with the milkshake, and special discounts offered in certain locations.

  • For example, some stores may offer promotional pricing for buying multiple milkshakes at once or using online ordering services like Grubhub or DoorDash.
  • Also, some locations may offer more premium flavors such as salted caramel shake that come at a higher price than regular options like vanilla or chocolate.
  • Ultimately, customers should explore all options available to them to find the best deal for their particular order.

Factors Affecting Price

When considering the cost of a Five Guys milkshake, there are a number of factors to consider. These primarily include size, type of milkshake, and whether you are ordering from the restaurant or having it delivered.

In order to get an exact price, customers should check their local Five Guys restaurant for accurate pricing. Prices can vary from location to location due to a variety of reasons, such as taxes and local suppliers’ prices.

The standard small milkshakes at Five Guys cost around $4.79; however, this varies depending on the size and type of shake you order. To upgrade your shake size at Five Guys there is an additional charge – for example upgrading a small shake to a large will increase the cost by around $1.99.

At Five Guys there is also an additional fee if you decide to order your milkshake for delivery rather than in-restaurant pickup. The delivery fee will vary depending on location, but ranges from $2-$6 in most establishments.

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Overall the cost of your Five Guys Milkshake will depend on the size, type and whether it is ordered for pickup or delivery – so it’s important for customers to familiarise themselves with local prices when ordering their next shake!


In conclusion, the cost of a Five Guys milkshake will depend on the size and type of shake you are purchasing. The standard small sized shake costs around $6.00 while larger sizes can range anywhere from $7.50 up to $9.00, depending on the store location. In addition, some locations offer specialty flavors that come with extra costs as well.

It is always best to check with your local store for pricing information before purchasing a Five Guys milkshake and remember that toppings are extra.

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