Overview of Chipotle Menu

Chipotle offers a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes that are sure to please any palate. From burritos to tacos, quesadillas to salads, the Chipotle menu offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for quick takeout or a meal with friends and family, Chipotle has something for you.

Read on to learn more about the diverse selection of food available on the Chipotle menu:


Burritos are the signature item on the Chipotle menu. They start with a flour tortilla that can be filled with either steak, pork carnitas, chicken, sofritas (a spicy vegan option) or barbacoa. Other components are added including cilantro lime rice, black beans and/or pinto beans, sour cream, cheese, salsa and lettuce. Prices vary depending on the proteins chosen. Additional proteins or extras like guacamole cost extra. Burritos can also be ordered as burrito bowls for those who want to eliminate carbs from the equation.


Bowls are the staple of the Chipotle Mexican Grill menu and make up the most popular items. They usually contain a base of cilantro-lime white or brown rice, then seasoned black or pinto beans, lettuce and various proteins such as taco meat, steak, or chicken. You can also choose from several vegetarian options such as tofu sofritas or fajita vegetables.

Top it off with your favorite salsa, cheese and sour cream for a complete meal. There are also bowls with green tomatillo salsa, which have a tangy taste you won’t find elsewhere.


Chipotle’s tacos are served in two flour tortillas are stuffed with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, carnitas (slow-cooked pork), chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage), barbacoa (shredded beef simmered in ancho chili pepper and spices), sofritas (braised shredded tofu) or veggie fajitas.

Next, you’ll pick your toppings from a selection of crisp romaine lettuce, freshly prepared guacamole, sour cream, handmade salsa and authentic cheese. All tacos come garnished with freshly chopped cilantro and diced onions. You can have up to three different types of fillings in each taco if you’re feeling brave!


Salads from Chipotle are a great way to enjoy a quick, tasty, and healthy meal. With your choice of grilled chicken, steak, barbacoa or tofu-based sofritas with freshly prepared salsas, guacamole and lettuce options, you can customize salads to meet your own taste preferences. Best of all, each salad has less than 500 calories.

To make a salad at Chipotle Mexican Grill®, start with your choice of protein to top your salad before adding fajita vegetables, freshly made salsa (including Pico de Gallo, Corn Salsa and Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa), sour cream and cheese. You can also add guacamole for an additional cost – be sure to request no if you’d like your salad to remain vegan! Finally top off the salad with shredded romaine lettuce for the perfect crunch.

At Chipotle Mexican Grill®, our salads are perfect for anyone looking for a flavorful lunch or dinner option that is packed full of nutrition as well as flavor. Whether you’re looking for something light or are looking forward to digging into a hearty meal after hitting the gym, try our salads at select Chipotle locations today!

Kids Menu

Chipotle’s Kids menu offers a range of tasty and healthy options for younger customers. For just $4.75, kids can customize their experience at Chipotle with a meal that includes one kid-sized entrée, a side item and an opportunity to cool down with an apple juice or soft drink.

  • Kid’s Burrito: The classic burrito bowl of your choice – picked from the selection of carnitas, chicken, steak, sofritas or Barbacoa – in a smaller portion size (approx 6” tortilla). You decide on the toppings!
  • Kids Quesadilla: Kids can enjoy sweet or savory tortillas filled with cheese or chicken. Ideal for snacking and easy to share.
  • Kids Taco/Salad: A single taco filled with your choice of carnitas, chicken, steak, sofritas or Barbacoa is served with freshly cut lettuce and your favorite toppings. Alternatively opt for fresh greens topped with meats, beans and salsas!
  • Kids Drink: Don’t forget to include one of Chipotle’s renowned drinks—apple juice is a great pick for health-conscious parents!


Chipotle has a variety of menu items to choose from, with prices ranging from $3.00 to upwards of $10.00. Knowing the prices of your favorite items can help you in deciding how much to order for your meal. We’ll take a look at the prices for Chipotle’s menu items so you can get an idea of the cost of your order.


Burritos are one of Chipotle Mexican Grill’s most popular menu items. When ordering your burrito, you have the choice to select from a variety of proteins, beans and topping options. Depending on your specific selections, these burritos can range from moderately priced to one of the more expensive items on the menu.

The least expensive burrito option is a vegetarian burrito with black beans that starts at $6.50 USD (or higher in certain locations). If you would like a more protein-rich entree, prices start at $7.45 USD for a steak or chicken burrito. All chipotle burritos come as standard with white rice and vegetables unless specified otherwise.

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More expensive add-ons include:

  • Guacamole ($2)
  • Extra meat any meat listing ($2)
  • Grilled corn ($1)
  • Fajita vegetables ($1)

Add those toppings up and you’ll get an entree price ranging anywhere between $6-$13 depending the size of your order.


Bowls are the standout feature on the Chipotle menu and come with a variety of fillings. A bowl includes your choice of white or brown rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and freshly made guacamole. You can also choose from either carnitas (slow-braised pork), steak (seasoned grilled steak), chicken (hand-shredded all-natural chicken) or Barbacoa (tender slow-braised beef).

The price for a Chipotle bowl varies depending on the choice of filling with carnitas costing the most at $8.50 per bowl and chicken being the least expensive option at $7.45.


At Chipotle, you can order delicious tacos with a variety of proteins. The prices will vary depending on the type of protein you choose and the restaurant location.

  • Soft tacos are available with steak ($3.99), carnitas ($3.99), barbacoa ($ 3.99) and chicken ($3.49).
  • For vegetarian options, there is sofritas ($3.49), which is delicious shredded tofu cooked with chipotle chilis, cumin, garlic and oregano in a swirl of spicy sauces and spices.

If you prefer a crunchy taco shell, those tacos are priced at $2.75 each regardless of the protein option chosen – steak, carnitas, barbacoa, chicken or sofritas.

In addition to fresh ingredients like Monterey jack cheese, fresh cilantro and pico de gallo salsa, chipotle also offers guacamole for an additional $2 per taco; it’s made daily with hand-scooped Hass avocados mixed with lime juice and perfectly seasoned for your enjoyment!


Chipotle offers salads as part of their menu. The prices for these items vary depending on your choice of ingredients and toppings, as well as portion size.

The base price of a salad is $9.05, which includes lettuce, seasoned white rice, your choice of beans, and your choice of meat or sofritas (seasoned vegan tofu). You can then add up to four additional ingredients such as additional meats or salsas, guacamole, queso blanco, cheese, sour cream and chips for an extra cost. The final total will depend on the ingredients added.

Chips and drinks are priced separately from the salads. Chips cost $2.45 for a small order and $3.95 for a large order; drinks start at $4.35 for soda fountain drinks and other fountain beverages and range up to $5.45 for bottled drinks such as jarritos or watermelon agua fresca.

For those looking for lighter fare or lower costs, Chipotle also offers

  • burrito bowls ($9/11)
  • tacos ($5/6)
  • burritos ($8/10).

Kids Menu

Chipotle’s Kids Menu offers meal options for kids 12 years and under that includes Kids Burritos, Kids Tacos, and Kids Bowls. All of the kid-friendly meals come with the same fixin’s as those found on the main menu. Additionally, there are several kid-friendly beverage choices such as fruit juice, milk or lemonade.

Chipotle’s Kid’s Menu items start at just $4.00 and goes up to $6.30 depending on what entrée it accompanied with. The meal is priced per item so if more than one item is ordered, each additional entrée will cost an extra $3.95 plus tax. Sides such as chips & guacamole are also available which cost extra at an additional price of $2 or 3 for a small side of chips or queso respectively.

For parents who want to introduce their children to healthier food options, Chipotle offers a great variety of fresh organic ingredients like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and sour cream which pair perfectly with your child’s meal selections!


The Chipotle menu has plenty of extras that can be added to your order to make it even more delicious. The extras are usually affordable and can add an extra layer of flavor to your order. Whether you want to add guacamole, sour cream, or any other extra, it can all make your order more delectable.

Let’s take a look at the extras you can find in the Chipotle menu:

Chips & Salsa

Chips and salsa are a staple of the classic chipotle menu. Perfect for sharing, chips & salsa come as either a side dish or chips & quesoqueso cheese melted over warm tortilla chips and ready to be served with every bite.

Every order is unique, since you can select from several different choices of mild to spicy salsas and delicious dips to go along with your chips. Whether you are ordering for the family, or just want some delicious sides to accompany your meal, chips & salsa are sure to please. Enjoy!


Guacamole is a tasty topping for many items on the Chipotle menu, available as a side to customize your meal. A sumptuous blend of mashed avocados, onions, and cilantro mixed with lime juice and spices, guacamole adds a unique flavor to any dish.

Add it to tacos, burritos bowl meals or salads. The lip-smacking taste of Chipotle’s guac will enhance your meal and make it more scrumptious!


When you visit a Chipotle Mexican Grill, there is a wide selection of drinks available to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cold beverage or something hot, there is something for everyone.

  • Cold Drinks
    • Coca Cola
    • Diet Coke
    • Sprite
    • Fanta
    • Minute Maid® Lemonade
    • Powerade® Mountain Berry Blast Slushy
  • Hot Drinks
    • Honest® Tea Ice Green Tea with Honey
    • Honest Fizz Zero Calorie Tangerine Limeade
  • Adult Beverages
    • Check your local Chipotle location to see if adult beverages are available. In locations that serve beer and margaritas, guests 21+ can choose from:
    • Beer
      • Domestic Beer (Budweiser, Bud Light)
      • Hard Cider (Angry Orchard Crisp Apple)
    • Margaritas
      • House Margarita
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Nutritional Information

Eating healthy is important, and knowing the nutritional information of your food can be a great way to make sure you are eating a balanced diet. At Chipotle, we are committed to providing you with the nutritional information of our menu items so you can make informed decisions.

Here, we will cover the nutritional information for Chipotle’s menu items so you can make a smarter and healthier choice.


When trying to maintain a healthy diet, it’s important to know how many calories are in the food you are eating. Chipotle Mexican Grill serves a variety of items on its menu. Here is a look at the number of calories that can be found in some of their menu items.

  • Burrito Bowls:
    • Steak Burrito Bowl: 800 calories
    • Chorizo Burrito Bowl: 840 calories
    • Barbacoa Burrito Bowl: 830 calories
    • Vegetarian Burrito Bowl (no cheese or sour cream): 500 calories
    • Carnitas Burrito Bowl: 700 calories
  • Tacos:
    • Steak Taco (3 soft tacos): 600 calories
    • Chorizo Taco (3 soft tacos): 720 calories
    • Barbacoa Taco (3 soft tacos): 840 calories
    • Carnitas Taco (3 soft tacos): 660 caloires
  • Salads:
    • Steak Salad with Dressing and Cheese: 590 Calories 27g Fat, 63g Carbs, 30g Protein
    • Chicken Salad with Dressing and Cheese: 610 Calories 28g Fat, 63g Carbs, 36g Protein
  • Sides and Extras:
    • Soft Flour Tortillas (2 small tortillas): 230 Calories 11 g Fat, 27 g Carbs , 5 g Protein
    • Guacamole: 230 Calories 18 g Fat , 12 g Carbs , 3 g Protein


Protein can be an important part of a healthy diet, as it helps build and repair tissue, contributes to the energy supply, and provides many essential nutrients. Chipotle has a variety of menu items that contain both animal and vegetable proteins, each with their own unique nutritional content.

Animal proteins, such as steak and chicken, are a good source of complete proteins as they have all of the essential amino acids in them. Vegetable sources of protein, on the other hand, often lack one or more amino acids. To make these ‘incomplete” sources into complete proteins for your body to use, you should combine them with grains or other plant-based foods.

Chipotle’s Steak has 17 g of protein per serving with 124 calories from fat; which is 34% fat. It also contains plenty of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6 (12% RDI), iron (23% RDI) phosphorus (31% RDI), zinc (30% RDI), and magnesium (18% RDI).

Chipotle’s Chicken contains 21 grams protein per serving with 96 calories from fat; which is 32% fat. It contains calcium (3%), iron (2%), niacin( 6%) zinc(10%), copper( 10%), phosphorus(17%).

Chipotle’s Vegetarian options are rich in plant-based proteins that can fill up you up without weighing you down too much like tofu sofritas which 9g protein per serving with 8 calories from fat—which is 18%. Sofritas also contains small amounts of vitamins such as folate(8%)and magnesium(7%).

Whether you opt for animal proteins or vegetarian sources at Chipotle – choose lean cuts whenever possible to get the most nutrition out of every bite!


When you’re planning a trip to your favorite Mexican food joint for a meal, you should consider the nutritional content of the items on the menu. Carbohydrates play an important role in providing your body with energy and keeping it functioning properly. When eating Mexican food from Chipotle chain restaurants, it’s important to know how many carbohydrates are in each item on the menu.

The carbohydrate count of Chipotle’s menu items ranging from burrito bowls and tacos to salads, chips, guacamole, quesadillas and more can be found below:

  • Burrito Bowls have 35-53g of carbs per serving depending on toppings and portions
  • Tacos have 9g-32g carbs depending on toppings and portions
  • Salads have 17-50g of carbs per serving based upon toppings
  • Chips (1oz) 12g
  • Guacamole (2oz.) 8g
  • Quesadilla (without cheese/meat) 32g
  • Fajita Vegetables 6g

Note: For accompaniments like salsas, sour cream or cheese—these usually range from 0–4 g carbohydrates per 2 oz. serving.


Various items on the Chipotle menu come with different levels of fat content. Generally, core Chipotle items like tacos, bowls, and burritos do not contain significant amounts of fat.

However, many of the accompaniments served at Chipotle are higher in fat than their protein and carb counterparts. For example:

  • A scoop of white rice contains 0 grams of fat, whereas a scoop of barbacoa beef contains 11 grams of fat.
  • A scoop of black beans has 2 grams of fat compared to 10 for fajita veggies and 6 for freshly-prepared guacamole.

Further nutritional benefits can be obtained from opting for whole wheat options or leaving certain ingredients off altogether (such as cheese or sour cream). Eating balanced meals also allows individuals to lower their net intake while still receiving essential nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates that keep them satiated and energized throughout the day.

Customization Options

Chipotle has a wide range of customizable options, so you can create your own dish. Whether you want to build your own burrito, burrito bowl, tacos, or salads, the menu allows you to customize your order to meet your preferences. Customers can choose from a variety of ingredients, including proteins, veggies, salsas, and toppings, to create a unique meal.

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In this section, let’s explore the different customization options that Chipotle offers:


A burrito is a type of Mexican food consisting of a flour or wheat tortilla wrapped around a filling of beans, meats, vegetables, vegetables and/or cheese. The most basic burrito includes your choice of protein, rice, cheese and optional toppings. Chipotle’s menu offers several customization options for your burritos.

  • Protein: Choose from steak, barbacoa (shredded beef), chicken, pork carnitas (shredded bacon-like pork), chorizo (spicy pork sausage) and sofritas (vegan-friendly tofu).
  • Rice: Cilantro-lime white rice or brown rice are available for your burrito.
  • Beans: Pinto or vegetarian black beans are offered as optional fillings.
  • Cheese: Enjoy a blend of mild cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses.
  • Toppings & Salsa: Enhance your dish with fajita vegetables (peppers & onion mix) diced tomatoes, sour cream and salsa choices including tomatillo-green chili salsa, tomatillo-red chili salsa, hot tomato salsa and corn salsa.


When ordering a Chipotle burrito bowl, you have to choose from a variety of options. Depending on your diet and preferences, you can select items that fit into any dietary lifestyle.

Start with a base of your choice – romaine lettuce or cilantro-lime white or brown rice. Then, pick your choice of beans – black beans or pinto beans – and top it off with some extra protein like chicken, steak, carnitas or barbacoa.

From there, you get the opportunity to customize your bowl even further by choosing what type of toppings you’d like. Pick from a variety of vegetables like salsa, fajita vegetables and roasted chili-corn salsa to add more flavor and texture. Guacamole and queso are also popular additions for those who want more than simply veggies in their meal!

Finally, dress it up according to your own taste preferences using one of Chipotle’s four signature salsas – mild tomatillo-red chilli salsa; medium tomatillo-green chilli salsa; hot tomatillo-habanero salsa; and roasted chili-corn salsa – or sour cream as final touches.

With all these options available at Chipotle restaurants around the world, you are sure to never get bored when eating at Chipotle!


Tacos are one of the most popular items on the Chipotle menu, and for good reason – they provide a great basis for creating a perfectly personalized meal. Taco shells are available in either hard or soft versions and can be filled with your choice of ingredients.

Choose from Beef, Chicken, Barbacoa, or Sofritas (vegan) as your main protein. Top it off with fajita vegetables, black beans or pinto beans, smoky Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette or tomatillo salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream–or any combination thereof. Finish your tacos off with a lime wedge and enjoy!


At Chipotle, there are also a wide array of customizable salads available. Salads offer a lighter option than burritos or tacos, but are still packed with flavor and variety. You can choose from our award winning Caesar salad or Signature Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette, either served atop mixed greens, romaine lettuce. All salads are served with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, barbacoa (marinated shredded beef) or sofritas (crumbled tofu), along with fresh salsas and an array of fresh toppings including guacamole for an additional charge.

Additionally every entrée salad is made complete with crispy Cotija cheese and freshly house-made chips for added crunch.

Kids Menu

Chipotle offers a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes, allowing customers to customize their meals just the way they like it. The kids’ menu is no exception; with a number of tasty kid-sized options available, every child will enjoy their meal!

Kids can choose from any burrito, taco, bowl or salad. They can also opt for a Kids’ Meal consisting of items like tacos with steak or chicken and their choice of sides and drinks. All Kids’ Meals come with chips and salsa for dipping satisfaction. For those wanting to go light, kids can order the popular burrito bowl which consists of rice, beans and meat all in one bowl!

Choose from kid-friendly meats such as shredded chicken, chopped steak or carnitas. Top it off with a selection of fresh salsas such as Pico de Gallo, Mango Habanero Salsa or Chipotle Tabasco Sauce for an added kick! Kids can also select two sides to accompany their meal including vegetables like peppers and onions as well as cheese quesadillas.

For those who are more adventurous eaters (or parents who are looking to introduce them), Chipotle also has kid’s meals that come complete with guacamole and/or sour cream on request – no extra charge! Finish off your child’s meal with a beverage like soda or juice – but don’t forget to ask them if they prefer milk over soda – an essential requirement for many parents.

With so many options on the Chipotle Kids’ Menu you’ll be sure to find something that pleases everyone in your party – including children! Whether it’s creating custom meals according to individual taste preferences or choosing one of the pre-made meal deals that come complete with two sides – there’s something at Chipotle that every child will enjoy. So make sure you pay attention to your little one’s wants and needs when visiting this delicious Mexican eatery!

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