The price list for products from PLATINUM Karaoke vary between ₱ 155.00 to ₱ 25,500.00. Enjoy the best prices with iPrice. PLATINUM Karaoke Philippines has many kinds of PLATINUM Karaoke Audio & Hi Fi, PLATINUM Karaoke TV, Video & DVD and PLATINUM Karaoke Hobbies that would suit your needs.

What is the best karaoke machine in the Philippines? The Platinum Karaoke player is the best karaoke machine in the Philippines. Devices from this brand feature the largest song collection for over more than 17,000 songs and more. With Platinum, it is possible to entertain the whole family member as everyone’s favorite songs are included in the player.

What is the price of platinum karaoke products? Check out PLATINUM Karaoke’s best-selling items such as Platinum Reyna Se Professional Karaoke Player, PIANO SD VER.1.5 and Platinum Kbox2 With Wireless Microphone – Tested Before Shipped to match your style. The price list for products from PLATINUM Karaoke vary between ₱ 117.00 to ₱ 22,999.00. Enjoy the best prices with iPrice.

How do I search for songs on my platinum karaoke player? Search for your favorite songs in this digital songbook designed exclusively for your Platinum Karaoke player! With this app, you don’t need to spend much time browsing the hardbound songbook looking for songs you want to sing. Just key-in the title/artist and you’ll get the search results in an instant!

How often does platinum karaoke update song list? The Platinum Karaoke updates the song list every three months for its DVD models. For HDD models, the song list is updated on a monthly basis. There are two methods you can use to update songs: Carefully remove Hard Disk Drive from the Platinum player. What is the best karaoke player in the Philippines?

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What is the best karaoke machine in the Philippines?

What are the best karaoke systems in Philippines? Many consumers choose Karaoke Systems from brands like The Platinum, Konzert and Crown. You can get good quality Karaoke Systems as cheap as ₱ 113.00 to as expensive as ₱ 148,976.00. People often choose Silver, Pink and Black when it comes to Karaoke Systems in Philippines.

Is the platinum karaoke KS-1 a good karaoke machine? The Platinum Karaoke KS-1 is both a DVD player and an excellent karaoke machine. Yes, that’s right. You can enjoy a movie night straight after singing your heart outs on classic karaoke tunes. The included collection of over 10,000 songs consist of classics, ballads, and latest hits.

What is the best portable karaoke machine? Get a portable speaker and karaoke machine that packs a punch with the ION Audio Party Rocker Max. This masterpiece of a speaker features wireless Bluetooth connectivity for effortless streaming – stream rich, vibrant sound from your phone, tablet, or computer with ease. Don’t have a Bluetooth device? That’s fine!

Can a karaoke machine fit in a bag? It can fit in a small bag, or you can even carry it in your arms. Some karaoke machines are termed as component machines because they’re used with other sound systems, such as a stereo. This works out well if you already have a stereo system in your house. However, this means they aren’t portable and cannot work as a stand-alone karaoke machine.

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