Charging your Clarisonic is essential for proper device functionality and effective performance. While a standard charger is included with your purchase of the Clarisonic, not everyone may be aware of all of the ways that you can charge this device without the use of a traditional charger.

With this guide, learn more about all of the alternative methods available to charge your Clarisonic without having access to the standard charger:

Find a Replacement Charger

If your charger for your clarisonic has been lost or damaged, you may be wondering how to charge your clarisonic without a charger. Fortunately, there are some options available to you that can help you charge the device without having to purchase a new charger. This article will discuss:

  • How to find a replacement charger for your clarisonic
  • How to charge it without the charger

Check the manufacturer’s website

If you are looking for a replacement charger for your Clarisonic device, the first place to check is the manufacturer’s website. Here you will find any official replacement products as well as an FAQs page that may answer any questions regarding replacements and return policies. Additionally, the website can direct you toward authorized service centers and online retailers that specialize in Clarisonic products.

Another option is to contact the customer support team directly. Customer support representatives should be able to provide you with more specific information tailored to your individual circumstances such as product availability and shipping costs. They can also direct you towards any local retailers where replacement chargers may be available and offer more personalized advice than an online search would provide.

If none of these options turn up a suitable product, consider searching online resale sites such as eBay or Amazon. It is not recommended to purchase from third-party sites without confirming that it is an authentic charging device from a reliable source; however, if no other avenue proves successful then this could be considered in order to meet your needs.

Look for compatible chargers from other brands

If you have lost or misplaced your Clarisonic charger, you can look for a compatible replacement charger from other brands. Make sure the new charger is compatible with your Clarisonic device and that the connection type, voltage, and power match the original cord. Many electrical devices will use the same type of connector and be able to work with similar voltages, which makes it easy to find charge cords from different brands without fear of damaging them.

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It’s important to make sure that your voltage matchesup with the original Cord as too low or too high of a voltage can damage your charging unit. You may want to double check this before buying a replacement charger as incompatible parts could damage or even destroy your device. If you are not sure what voltage is suitable for your device it may be a good idea to get in touch with technical support from The Clarisonic Company directly.

Ask around for a replacement charger

If you’re unable to find your original charger, contacting your manufacturer or local store can be beneficial. Local stores such as pharmacies and departmental stores usually carry a variety of products and are a good option to check for your replacement charger. The staff in these outlets should be able to tell you if they have a suitable replacement for the Clarisonic.

Before buying a product, you should make sure it’s compatible with your model and ask questions regarding its usage and potential compatibility issues. It might also help to research several charging methods in order to find one that fits your device. You may also inquire about possible discounts or warranty options.

Be sure to follow safety precautions while using the charger, as improperly functioning chargers have caused injury due to overheating and short-circuiting in the past:

  • Check the charger for any visible damage.
  • Do not use the charger if it has any exposed wires or loose connections.
  • Do not use the charger if it is not compatible with your device.
  • Do not leave the charger plugged in for extended periods of time.

Charge Clarisonic with a USB Cable

You can charge your Clarisonic face cleansing device without its original charger by using a USB cable. This method of charging your Clarisonic is convenient and can be done in a few minutes. With a USB cable, you can charge your Clarisonic from any laptop, desktop, or USB wall charger.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about the steps to charge your Clarisonic with a USB cable:

Use a USB wall charger

A USB wall charger will provide an alternative to the Clarisonic charging cradle – simply plug the device into the wall and connect your Clarisonic with a USB cable. To charge via your computer, use the appropriate wall adapter. For example, if your laptop is equipped with a standard USB port, you can use a standard USB wall charger. On the other hand, if your laptop has a “Type-C” port instead of a traditional USB port, then you should use a Type-C compatible wall charger.

When using any type of USB cable to charge, ensure that it’s equipped with a power output of 5V/2A or higher. This ensures that your electronic device is charged quickly and safely. A lower power output can result in slow charging or even damaged electronics due to insufficient power delivery. Additionally, when charging via USB make sure all other peripherals connected to the same power source are disconnected from it temporarily to avoid power surges that can cause glitches in your electronic device being charged.

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Finally, check for any specific catalogued approval for any powered charger you may want to use to charge your Clarisonic as some chargers may be deemed as incompatible by some manufacturers and may come bundled with additional components like voltage regulating chips and cables which should be used according to manufacturer’s instructions or replaced in order maintain safety while operating the device. Keep in mind too that sometimes product catalogues specify either vendor’s approved charger model numbers which do vary from time to time so never rely completely on catalogues as outdated models could potentially damage devices even when said models were previously compatible according their respective original specifications far outdated today.

Connect the USB cable to a laptop or computer

Charging your Clarisonic using the supplied USB cable is a convenient and straightforward way to use your device without the charger. To start, connect the USB charging cable that came with your device to a working laptop or desktop computer. Make sure you plug in both ends of the cable securely, with one end of the cable going into a USB port on your laptop or computer and the other end into your Clarisonic.

Follow these steps to charge your Clarisonic:

  1. Wait for approximately eight hours before unplugging it to ensure that it is fully charged.
  2. Once it’s charged, press down on the power button twice and then press down for three seconds to turn on.

Charge Clarisonic with a Battery Pack

Charging your Clarisonic with a battery pack is an easy and convenient way to keep your device up and running when you don’t have access to a wall charger. With a battery pack, you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your charge cord.

In this article, we will discuss the steps required to charge your Clarisonic with a battery pack:

  1. Connect the battery pack to your Clarisonic device.
  2. Turn on the battery pack.
  3. Press and hold the power button on your Clarisonic device for two seconds to turn it on.
  4. The LED indicator light on your Clarisonic will turn on, indicating that it is charging.
  5. Once the LED indicator light turns off, your Clarisonic is fully charged.

Find a compatible battery pack

In order to charge your Clarisonic without the charging dock, you will need a compatible battery pack. The Clarisonic comes with a USB cord that can be used for this purpose. You will need to purchase an appropriate battery pack depending on the model of your Clarisonic and purchase any additional adapters that may be necessary for this setup.

When selecting a battery pack, consider the following: capacity, device compatibility, protection features and power output. Ideally you want to get the highest capacity and power output as possible while also ensuring that it is compatible with your device. This is important because if you choose a power pack that is not suitable you could damage or even destroy your Clarisonic device. It is also important to research protection features such as surge protection and short circuit protection in order to protect your device from potential damage caused by improper use or malfunctioning of the battery pack itself.

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Once you have found a compatible and reliable battery pack, follow these steps to set up the charging:

  • Connect the USB cord from the battery pack into your Clarisonic.
  • Turn on the battery pack and select output voltage setting.
  • Plug in your Clarisonic until it indicates it has been charged.
  • Turn off/unplug both devices when finished charging.

Now your Clarisonic should be fully charged without needing its original charger!

Connect the battery pack to the Clarisonic

Connecting the battery pack to the Clarisonic is a simple process. Start by locating the charging port, which is typically located at either end of the body of the Clarisonic device. Plug one end of the battery pack cable into this port and then connect the USB adapter to the other end of the cable. The connector for this should be included in your charger package. Then plug your battery pack into a wall outlet and you will be ready to charge your Clarisonic with a battery pack!

It is important to note that not all battery packs are compatible with all Clarisonic models, so it’s important to check your user manual or contact a representative from Clarisonic directly if you have any questions about which type of charger you need for your specific device. Additionally, many newer models include a special data port for charging parameters that are not applicable if you are using an external battery pack. Using an external power source such as a battery pack may also void any warranty on your device, so make sure you understand any risks before proceeding.


Charging a Clarisonic device without an official charger is possible, albeit with some possible risks. It’s recommended that you only use the original charger in order to ensure peak performance and battery longevity.

If you don’t have access to the charger, USB or direct power outlets can be used temporarily. However, when using the device in this way, it’s important to pay close attention to control alarms and other features in order to prevent any unnecessary damage or malfunctions.

With the proper precautions and guidelines, your Clarisonic device should charge safely, quickly and effectively:

  • Pay close attention to control alarms and other features.
  • Use only the original charger for peak performance and battery longevity.
  • Only use USB or direct power outlets temporarily.

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