Choosing the Right Fit

Yoga pants are essential for any yogi, but they can also be a fashion statement. Knowing how to pick the right fit is key to looking good in yoga pants that also provide a comfortable and supportive fit.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of yoga pants, what fabrics to look for, and how to choose the best fit for your body type:

Consider your body type

Yoga pants are designed to provide comfort and flexibility for the wearer – but make sure you choose a pair of pants that best suits your body type. When shopping for yoga pants, consider whether you want a slim, relaxed fit or something with a more traditional cut. Check out our guide below to make sure that you find a pair of yoga pants that looks great when paired with any outfit.

  • If you have a petite frame, opt for slim fitting yoga pants. These will help create an elongated look and help flatter your figure.
  • If your body type is hourglass shaped, try mid-rise women’s yoga pants which will accentuate the curves in all of the right areas without being too tight.
  • To minimize dreaded muffin top, look for styles with wide waistbands and pockets in the back – they can provide extra coverage while adding more definition to your waist.
  • Not every body is created equal – and many brands offer plus sized women’s yoga pants to give curvier figures some extra support and shape continuously begging for confidence boost!
  • However, if you’re searching for comfort rather than fashion then fit should be less of an issue when choosing from a variety of stretchy ankle length options!

Choose the right fabric

When it comes to choosing the right fit of yoga pants, the material is one of the main factors to consider for selecting the best option for your style and comfort. Generally, yoga pants are made from fabrics such as cotton, polyester and spandex blends.

  • Cotton: Depending on construction techniques and thickness, cotton-blended pants are usually lightweight pieces of clothing. With proper care and maintenance, these types of pants can last for years with minimal wear and tear. Cotton also helps keep you cool in humid climates because it absorbs sweat very easily.
  • Polyester: Polyester-blended fabric is generally heavier than cotton but more durable in comparison. However, this type of fabric may start to pill after several washes and will not be able to retain its shape over time like cotton will.
  • Spandex Blends: Spandex blends are known for their great elasticity which allows them to provide a snugger fit while still allowing your legs to move freely while doing physical activities such as yoga. This type of material is also inherently stretchy so it offers more flexibility in terms of size adjustment according to how tight or loose you prefer your clothing to be worn.

Consider the length

When choosing the right fit for your yoga pants, one of the most important considerations is the length. Make sure to select a pair of yoga pants that is long enough for you. Ankle-length yoga pants should fall right at your ankle bone and capris should hit right at mid-calf or just below knee level. For petite figures, 7/8 length pants may be a better choice since they hit just above the ankle and don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed by extra material. It’s always best to try on a few different lengths until you find one that works best for you!

Finding the Right Style

Yoga pants are a go-to for many active people, from casual joggers to studio yogis. They provide maximum comfort and versatility and offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to fashion. Finding the right style of yoga pants to suit your body shape and sense of style can help you look and feel great.

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Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the perfect pair of yoga pants for you:

Look for a high-waisted fit

When you’re looking for a pair of yoga pants that suit your body and make you look great, your waistline deserves special attention. Fortunately, high-waisted styles are making a comeback in the world of athleisure wear. They’re flattering to almost any body shape or size, and they can easily be dressed up with a stylish top or dressy accessory.

If you’re looking for a structured fit that won’t budge while practicing yoga, search for pants with an elastic waistband in the back – it will help everything stay put. Other details to consider when picking out the perfect pair include:

  • Length (regular or cropped?)
  • Pockets (are they necessary? Will they flap around during inversions?)
  • Fabric feel (from lightweight and breathable to sturdy support)

Comfort is paramount when choosing yoga attire, so don’t be afraid to explore different styles until you find what feels right for you!

Look for a wide waistband

When it comes to finding the right style of yoga pants, there are several things you should look for:

  • The waistband should be wide and flattering to your figure, as well as comfortable and secure enough to stay in place during strenuous activities.
  • Look for a style with good arch support so that your feet don’t feel too loose or unstable when running or performing other weight-bearing exercises.
  • A snug fit is best, with enough room that it won’t hinder movement or ride up while you exercise.
  • You should also look for breathable fabric that allows the moisture from sweat to evaporate without becoming uncomfortable or unflattering.
  • Finally, pick a yoga pant in a color or pattern that complements your existing clothes and complements your skin tone – black is often the most flattering choice!

Consider a pattern or a print

Adding a little bit of pattern or print to your look can be a great way to add some personality and style to an otherwise basic outfit. Whether you prefer an intricate floral or an abstract pattern, there are tons of different prints that you can choose from. You can even consider prints such as geometric shapes, stripes, polka dots or checks.

While printed yoga pants can look beautiful, it’s important to bear in mind that too much pattern can make you appear busier than you actually are. If you do opt for this look, be sure to keep the rest of your top and accessories simple. Additionally, try on different styles until you find one that flatters your figure the most.


Accessorizing is a great way to add style and flair to any yoga outfit. A stylish accessory can dress up any pair of yoga pants, making you look and feel your best during your workout. Whether you choose a bold necklace or a trendy hat, adding an accessory can help to complete your look.

Let’s dive into all the ways you can accessorize with yoga pants:

Choose the right shoes

Choosing the right shoes is an important part of creating a stylish look when wearing yoga pants. Closed-toe block heel boots, strappy sandals or classic ballet flats are all great options since they work with the athleisure trend while still giving an extra element of fashion and style to your outfit. Whatever shoes you choose, make sure it fits with the width of your yoga pants.

For instance, if you are wearing slim fit leggings, a bulky, heavy shoe may look odd compared to slimmer silhouette of your pants. On the other hand, if you’re wearing flared or bootcut leg opening yoga pants, then a heavier shoe may look more appropriate.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you are wearing colored or patterned leggings with a unique print design, it might be better to opt for a neutral-colored shoe as there’s less risk of clashing colors and designs.

Consider a supportive sports bra

One important way to look good in yoga pants is to make sure you have a supportive sports bra that fits your body type and level of activity. A poorly fitting sports bra can overstress the tissue, cause pain, and detract from your overall appearance in the yoga pants. The right-fitting sports bra should have enough adjustment options and provide coverage where it is needed while still allowing some flexibility and range of motion.

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Look for features such as wide straps, shock absorption protection, adjustable bands, breathability, and durability. When looking for a supportive sports bra, consider items made out of wicking fabrics so moisture can be quickly moved away from the body to keep your skin cool during intense physical activities. Having the right sporting accessories will complete your outfit with practicality but also fashion flair – helping you look good in yoga pants!

Add a lightweight top or jacket

An important part of accessorizing yoga pants is choosing the right top or jacket for your look. Tank tops are great for hot yoga classes, but layering pieces can add more dimension to your exercise wardrobe. Choose a lightweight top that has either a hood or soft layers you can keep on while stretching. A bright color or creative pattern helps show off the detail of the fabric, while adding just enough flair to look chic and sporty.

If you’re headed to an outdoor boot camp, try to find something with long sleeves and stretchy fabric that won’t ride up in chilly weather. Sweatshirts with interesting detailing or casual shirts with bold accents also work well with yoga pants as outerwear when you want added protection from cool breezes or light rain showers. A breathable zip-up vest or favorite denim jacket are also stylish items that look good when teamed with the right accessories.

Styling Tips

Yoga pants are a great and comfortable way to look stylish and fashionable. Depending on how you style them, you can easily go from a casual, everyday look to a dressy and put together look. Whether you are going for a workout, running errands, or putting together an outfit for a casual day out, here are some tips on how to look good in yoga pants:

Choose a flattering silhouette

The most important factor when choosing a flattering silhouette for yoga pants is to consider your body type. If you have an hourglass figure, choose straight-leg trousers or capris that fit snugly at the waist and carry an even shaped cut from waist to knee. These styles give definition to your smaller waistline and stick close to the curve of your hips and legs while still providing room for comfortable movement.

For those with a pear-shaped figure, boot cut or flared leg wide-leg silhouettes can add balance by creating a looser fit around the hip area while tapering down in size near the calves. A flared leg is also perfect for hiding any flaws you might want concealed while still giving you plenty of breathing room on those especially sweat-inducing yoga days.

Add a belt or a scarf

Adding a belt or scarf to your outfit is a great way of putting a different twist on yoga pants. The accessory can draw attention away from the fitted fabric and make them more stylish at the same time. A belt cinches your waist, creating an instant hourglass look that pairs well with fitted tops for added balance. Scarves also act as an instant slimming tool by adding texture and focusing attention away from your body shape.

Consider pairing your yoga pants with patterned scarves, whether it’s a small print one for day-to-day wear or chunky knitted option for a more sophisticated take on casual dressing.

Consider a bold color or print

Adding a bold color or print to your yoga pants wardrobe can give you a unique look with an individual style. However, it’s important to consider where and when you’re planning to wear your pants, as this will determine the most suitable choice of color or print. For instance, wearing a bold leopard print style might not be appropriate for attending a conservative event such as a job interview.

Alternatively, pairing something more subtle with another item of clothing such as stripes on plain black yoga pants is often an easy option that can be worn in many situations. If opting for a purple or pink with bold and intricate details that may appear too loud at first glance, this could be toned down by matching it with darker items such as a textured top or blazer. Finding ways to tone down louder colors and prints can allow your style to speak for itself without seeming overdone.

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Caring for your Yoga Pants

To ensure that your Yoga Pants look as good as new for as long as possible, there are a few steps you can take to protect your clothing. Taking the time to care for your Yoga Pants will help them last longer and look better. We will discuss some of the best ways to care for your Yoga Pants, so you can enjoy the comfort and style they provide.

Wash your pants after each use

Caring for your yoga pants is essential in order to keep them looking good and lasting longer. After each use, it’s important to wash your pants in cold water and hang them up to dry. Don’t put them into the washing machine unless you have a gentle cycle, as it may wear out the fabric quicker than if you washed them by hand. Additionally, do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your yoga pants to ensure their color stays vibrant.

Regularly washing your yoga pants will help prevent bacteria from building up which can cause embarrassing odors and stains.

Avoid using fabric softeners

When taking care of your yoga pants, it’s important to avoid using fabric softeners. Most fabric softeners are made from oil-based ingredients that can coat the material and give your yoga pants a greasy feel. Not only will the fabric softener create an unpleasant feel and smell, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of moisture management and wicking properties in technical fabrics. Additionally, some fabric softeners contain petrochemicals which are not biodegradable and can damage the environment when released into our waterways.

When heading to the grocery store, read labels carefully and shop for laundry products that are free of petroleum-based oils or other harmful ingredients. Most regular detergents are safe to use on fabrics like polyester but be sure to pay extra attention to those designed specifically for active wear. Always check product labels for dye-free or light colored clothing like yoga pants because they tend not to fade as much as dark colored clothes. Additionally, stay away from chlorine bleach as this can damage any synthetic fiber in your clothing significantly reducing its lifespan.

Regularly washing your yoga pants is an important step towards protecting them from environmental problems such as smog caused by air pollution, dirt and dust pollution caused by wind erosion and protect them from bacteria buildup resulting from sweat during workouts even if you wear an undershirt too. Pay attention to when it’s time to replace them too – over time wear and tear can cause these fabrics to stretch out or break down leaving them ineffective against sweat protection anyways!

Hang or lay flat to dry

Hanging or laying your yoga pants flat to dry is the best way to maintain the shape and quality of them for a long time. Hanging them up will help them keep their original shape and prevent wrinkles from forming. If you have to fold them, do so gently, as creasing can cause damage to the fabric of your pants.

If you plan on taking your yoga pants from place to place, rolling them instead of folding them allows for smoother packing and less wrinkling. Plus, it takes up a lot less space in bags or travel cases! To smooth out any post-laundry wrinkles on folded items before wearing, simply hang the item up or lay it flat with a few ice cubes placed inside and let it air-dry.

Also keep in mind that darker colors can fade with exposure to direct sunlight, so avoid hanging clothes outside in direct sun as much as possible. And when you’re washing your yoga pants by hand or machine, use cold water and delicate cycle settings with mild detergent (avoid chlorine bleach!) to preserve the vibrancy of your apparel. This should extend the life of your favorite pairs of yoga pants!

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