Which light bulbs need a ballast? Technology Ballast dependent? Fluorescent All fluorescent bulbs require a ballast. Compact fluorescent All compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs requ HID All HID bulbs require a ballast, which i LED No LED bulbs require a ballast, although 2 more rows

What happens if a lamp does not have a ballast? Without a ballast, a lamp or a bulb will rapidly increase its current draw and it can become uncontrollable as well. When a ballast is present in a lamp, the power becomes stable, and even if such lamps are connected to high power sources, the ballast will regulate the energy and avoid the current rise.

What is a headlight ballast and why do I need one? Simply put, a ballast is a vital part of your entire headlight system. Its core function is to control the intensity of your car’s headlight. This is why it’s mostly recommended that it would be best if you bought ballasts in addition to HID bulbs when upgrading halogen bulbs to enhanced HID technology.

What is an electric ballast? They are seen in Metal Halide, mercury vapory, florescent lamps, neon lamp, or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. Almost all major parking lot lights and street lights used this technology for about 30 years before LED started taking over around 2010. In an electric ballast, an electric circuit is used to limit the load or amount of current.

Which light bulbs need a ballast?

Do fluorescent light bulbs need a ballast? Fluorescent lamps and HID (high intensity discharge) light bulbs do require a ballast. Both lamp families use two different types of ballasts: magnetic and electronic. Magnetic ballasts use older technology but are still used with certain light bulbs. Electronic ballasts are generally more energy efficient.

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What is the purpose of a ballast in a light bulb? It ensures that the electric current within the light is constant. Ballasts are used in some obsolete fluorescent lamps and tube lights to reduce the risk of current rising to a destructive level. If a light bulb’s ballast is missing, it would increase the risk for the light to heat up and eventually burn out.

How do I choose the right ballast for my Lamp? Bulb name (such as 2-pin, 4-pin, T8, T12, etc.), base type, and wattage are usually the most helpful information. When considering a ballast for your lamp, make sure they have corresponding ANSI (American National Standards Institute) codes. Matching ANSI codes guarantees that the ballast you chose can be used with your lamp.

Where can I buy a high-performance lighting ballast? At Bulbs.com, our lighting expertise doesn’t stop with light bulbs. We also carry a wide variety of high-performance lighting ballasts to control current flows, prolong lamp life, and help achieve energy-efficiency. If you are looking for high-quality fluorescent ballasts, look no further.

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