In 1949, Dr. George Hill Hodel was accused of molesting and having sex with his 14-year-old daughter, Tamar. It has been speculated that Fauna was Tamar’s daughter from that incestuous relationship. This meant that Dr. Hodel could have been both Fauna’s father and grandfather.

Was Fauna Hodel the biological daughter of George Hodel? As recently established by DNA analysis, Fauna Hodel was not the biological daughter of George Hodel. According to Tamar, Fauna’s father was “A White Italian American who plied her with alcohol and raped her in November, 1950”, more than a full year after she had obtained the abortion in Los Angeles.

Is Fauna Hodel related to the Black Dahlia murder? The podcast includes many of the actual investigative findings and linkage of Dr. George Hodel to the Black Dahlia murder, establishing that according to secret police records he, in fact, knew and had dated the victim in the 1940s. Both series incorrectly suggest that Fauna might be both the granddaughter and the daughter of Hodel.

Is George Hill Hodel the biological father of Steven Hodel? (His and Duncan’s.) This HODEL SECRET I have kept to myself since discovering its truth in 2002. In 2008 I was able to obtain Dr. George Hill Hodel’s full DNA profile which confirmed that he was the biological father of Steven K. Hodel, Kelvin G. Hodel, and Tamar N. Hodel.

What was Fauna Hodel’s cause of death? After battling cancer for several years, Fauna Hodel passed away at the age of 66 on September 30, 2017. Fauna leaves behind two daughters, Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile.

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Was Fauna Hodel the biological daughter of George Hodel?

Who is Fauna Hodel’s father? Fauna was born August 1, 1951. (That would make it a scientific impossibility as it would require a 25-month gestation period.) Further recent DNA tests have confirmed that George Hodel has been eliminated as the father of Fauna Hodel. Tamar always maintained that Fauna’s biological father was “A White Male Italian in San Francisco.”

Is Tamar Hodel’s son fauna Elizabeth’s father? Tamar brought her daughter, FaunaElizabeth (Fauna’s younger sister), to meet her father. FaunaElizabeth says he sexually abused her as well. This homicidal rapist was Tamar Hodel’s father. But, in all likeliness, he wasn’t Fauna’s — even if I Am the Night indicates otherwise.

Is the real Fauna Hodel in I am the night? At the same time as the series is airing, George Hodel’s great-granddaughters have created a podcast, Root of Evil which dives into his story and explores the Black Dahlia murder. The real Fauna Hodel was closely involved in the production of I Am the Night up until her death in 2017.

Is Fauna Hodel’s grandfather the Black Dahlia killer? The riveting six-part series I Am the Night is mainly based on Fauna Hodel’s search for her identity—racially and otherwise—and it incorporates an invented newspaper-reporter character played by Chris Pine who works with her to uncover the fact that Fauna’s grandfather was the Black Dahlia’s killer.

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