What is Glen Mhor single malt Scotch whisky? A very exciting independent bottling of 50 year old Glen Mhor single malt Scotch whisky – a rare whisky from a distillery which closed back in the early 1980s. This particularly bottling was…

How hard is it to buy Glen Mhor? Official bottlings of Glen Mhor, one of the lost distilleries of the Highlands, are hard to come by, as they barely exist. The distillery never released “official” bottlings, but it was possible to purchase Glen Mhor Single Malt from the UD Rare Malts range.

When was Glen Mhor 22 year old made? Glen Mhor 22 Year Old 1979 – Rare Malts. A very rare whisky from the now silent distillery, Glen Mhor. This was distilled in 1979 and aged for 22 years before bottling in October 2001 for the Rare Malts range.

What happened to Glen Mhor distillery? In 1972, William sold both Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn to Distilleries Company Limited, ending the Birnie family’ control of the two distilleries. DCL ceased the use of the Saladin box in 1980, and eventually closed the distillery in 1983 due to the hard economic climate during the big British recession.

glen mhor hotel

Where is Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments? The Glen Mhor Hotel & Apartments is located on the bank of the River Ness in a beautiful, historic area of Inverness. There are 75 bedrooms, divided across 8 Victorian buildings, as well as 10 apartments and a 4-bedroom River House offering comfortable accommodation in a beautiful location.

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Where is Glen Mhor in Inverness? The Ness Bank area is a charming conservation area in the city, set below the castle and opposite both The Eden Court Theatre and Inverness Cathedral. Glen Mhor is a 5-minute drive from the A9, 8 miles from Inverness Airport and a 10-minute walk from the train station.

What makes this Glen Mhor Villa so special? A truly magnificent addition to the Glen Mhor portfolio, this villa has 4 exquisite bedrooms and an elegant living space offering a spectacular view of the River Ness. The River Ness Villa is truly unique, a special place to entertain and relax.

What is the Glen Mhor Hotel’s nonsmoking policy? The Glen Mhor Hotel will make an additional charge to any guests that break the hotel’s nonsmoking policy. If staying at the hotel with children, please state how many in the Special Request Box when booking. Please note that the photos of each bedroom may not exactly portray the specific room type.

What is Glen Mhor single malt Scotch whisky?

What kind of whisky is Glen Mhor? Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Glen Mhor was one of a number of single malts which were being bottled in the late 19th and early 20th century, a further demonstration that the commonly held notion that this was a 1960s concept is not borne out by historical evidence. A small two-still operation, it is now very rarely seen although SMWS…

When was the first Glen Mhor made? It was founded in 1892 by Mackinlay & Birnie; the first whisky was produced in december 1894. Glen Mhor was acquired by the DCL in 1972 and licensed to SMD, together with Glen Albyn. Glen Mhor operated for less than a century.

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What does Glen Mhor house style taste like? Glen Mhor’s house style is described in Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion as ‘Aromatic, treacly. Quite sweet. With dessert or after dinner.’

What happened to Glen Mhor distillery? Glen Mhor was acquired by the DCL in 1972 and licensed to SMD, together with Glen Albyn. Glen Mhor operated for less than a century. The distillery was closed in 1983 and demolished in 1988. The third. More on Malt Madness.

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