Forget guest lists, Nigerian Weddings have always been open invites. They are large and lively events where the whole town enjoys feasting and dancing. Now that’s a typical Nigerian wedding! In the 21st Century, slight changes in Nigerian weddings have occurred. Most religious and cultural wedding celebrations have become modernized.

What is a traditional Nigerian wedding? A traditional Nigerian wedding is the first one followed by the religious ceremony. Both ceremonies are days or weeks apart. The bridal party wear their color coordinated outfits. The traditional Igbo tribe wedding attire for a Nigerian bride is special.

How many days apart can a Nigerian wedding be? These two celebrations could be days or even weeks apart. In the traditional Nigerian wedding, the bride only wears traditional attire, either from her tribe, her new husband’s tribe or sometimes both.

How many people are invited to a Nigerian wedding? Many Nigerian weddings have over 250 guests. When someone in the family or community is getting married, everyone’s invited. It’s a massive milestone in Nigerian culture, and the more people attend, the more blessings for the couple.

What is prostration at a Nigerian wedding? Prostration is a tradition in Nigerian weddings where the groom and his groomsmen will honor the bride’s family. They do this during the wedding ceremony by laying down on the ground with their faces at the feet of the bride’s immediate family.

nigerian wedding attire

What is a traditional Nigerian wedding?

What are some Nigerian wedding traditions? Unique Nigerian wedding traditions you probably didn’t know

  • Time to go shopping. In Igbo tribes, the bride’s family present the potential groom with a dowry list that he must fulfill in order to get their blessing to marry.
  • Seniority matters.
  • Toughen up.
  • Twice the fun.
  • No guest list headaches.
  • Matchy-matchy.
  • Paying respects.
  • The lift test.
  • It’s raining money.
  • Caterers.
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How do Nigerians celebrate weddings? “Spraying” is the highlight of the Nigerian wedding reception. Guests spray the couple with cash on the dance floor as a way of showering them with blessings and to keep them dancing on.

What is the traditional dress of Nigeria? Yoruba people wear the following pieces of clothing:

  • buba – a loose-fitting blouse with round or V-shaped neckline and long sleeves. Its length is a little bit lower the waistline.
  • iro – a long wrap-around skirt.
  • agbada – a men’s robe that is worn over the other clothes.
  • sokotos – loose-fitting trousers with a drawstring to hold them up;
  • gele – the traditional Nigerian headdress.

What is traditional marriage in Nigeria? Traditional marriage in Nigeria varies according to tribes. I’ll be talking about the processes of traditional marriage in Igboland. It is basically involves sets of rites and customs that must be carried out before a woman is joined to a man in marriage. It can only take place after some traditional rites have been observed.

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