The reason why time travel is impossible is because there’s no such thing as time. Humans invented the concept of time. ‘Time’ has nothing to do with reality. Reality consists only of matter and the word ‘motion’ refers to the changing locations of matter. No time = no time travel.

Why time travel is not possible? Time travel is impossible because the motion of energy continues to go forward at each moment. I suppose many will still cling to the hope that time travel will work someday, Go to my website and download a cool report on Black Holes and this mysterious dark energy. Thanks for being here and as always be well.

Do you think time travel is possible or impossible? Yes, time travel is indeed a real thing. But it’s not quite what you’ve probably seen in the movies. Under certain conditions, it is possible to experience time passing at a different rate than 1 second per second. And there are important reasons why we need to understand this real-world form of time travel.

Is time travel physically or logically possible? Time travel is viewed as “a discrepancy between time and time,” where one can move forward or backward in the time continuum without the time traveler’s body experiencing the same duration. Even though time travel has not been proven successful in modern day, it is logically and physically possible.

Why is time travel to the past impossible? Travel to the past is also next to impossible, since you would have to destroy some space in order to turn back time. This does occur when a black hole evaporates or a star explodes, but the impact is so small that it wouldn’t matter. Essentially, Muller is killing all of your childhood science fiction dreams.

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Why time travel is not possible?

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