Kikkoman Corporation (キッコーマン株式会社, Kikkōman Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese food manufacturer. Its main products and services include soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, mirin, shōchū, and sake, juice and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, and restaurant management services.Founded: Headquarters: Number of employees: Revenue: 

What can you make at Kikkoman? Explore a variety of Kikkoman products to dress up your menu – from soy sauces, teriyaki sauces, teriyaki takumi sauces, quick and easy marinades, soy milkand breadings and coatings. Try Kara-Áge, Pankoand Tempura, Ponzu sauces, Rice Vinegars, Wasabi, Sriracha, Curry sauces, and Seasoning Mixes.

Why choose Kikkoman? Working with many of America’s leading food manufacturers, Kikkoman is a trusted supplier of products and resources for the prepared foods industry. We offer the world’s largest selection of traditionally brewed soy sauces in forms for every function, plus a full line of Asian sauces and seasonings, flavor enhancers and more.

Why use Kikkoman soy sauce? Kikkoman, the world’s largest soy sauce manufacturer, has the technical expertise to be your flavor solution. >read more Kikkoman can boost the flavor of virtually any product you’re developing. Discover what makes naturally brewed soy sauce so versatile.

Where is Kikkoman sauce made? Our production facilities, Kikkoman Foods, Inc., in Walworth, Wisconsin, and Folsom, California, produce soy sauce and other convenient Asian-style sauces for distribution in the United States and Canada.Kikkoman’s 10 distribution centers and two plants ensure availability of consistently fresh products. Kikkoman USA – Home

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What sauces does Kikkoman offer? Kikkoman has a variety of flavour-enhancing speciality sauces in its range besides the soy and teriyaki sauces. Our high-quality Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauces are ideal for both cooking and as a table-top seasoning that your guests will love.

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Are Kikkoman products gluten-free? Kikkoman offers a variety of Gluten-Free products, including soy sauces, panko, hoisin and other sauces. To see our complete family of Gluten-Free products, please click here.

How long does it take to make Kikkoman soy sauce? Some soy sauces are made in just a few days. Not Kikkoman. American-made Kikkoman® Soy Sauce is traditionally brewed and aged for full flavor from water, soybeans, wheat and salt.

Who is Kikkoman sales? Since 1957, KIKKOMAN SALES USA, INC., the marketing company for Kikkoman products to the retail, foodservice and food manufacturing industries, has expanded from its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, to seven regional sales offices.

What can you make at Kikkoman?

What is Kikkoman soy sauce? Kikkoman Soy Sauce is made from the four basic ingredients of soy beans, wheat, salt and water. Since the components of these ingredients have a direct impact on the flavor of the soy sauce, it is very important to carry out careful selection.

What are Kikkoman products? Its main products and services include soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, mirin, shōchū, and sake, juice and other beverages, pharmaceuticals, and restaurant management services. Kikkoman has production plants and offices in Japan, the U.S., the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Canada. [4]

What is Kikkoman koji mold? Since its foundation, Kikkoman has been using its original Kikkoman Aspergillus, a type of fungus, to propagate koji mold. Koji mold is one of the most important elements in making soy sauce, and plays an essential role in fermenting the ingredients. This activity is the key to the taste of soy sauce.

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What is Kikkoman group long-term environmental vision? Kikkoman Corporation has launched “Kikkoman Group Long-Term Environmental Vision” as part of our commitment to a sustainable future. This video introduces the ideals incorporated in the design of the Kikkoman soy sauce tabletop dispenser launched in 1961, along with its shape that is now recognizable in countries all over the world.

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