You’ll need to know:

  • the license plate number
  • date of first registration
  • type of fuel of vehicle (In the website’s FAQ section vehicles are rated by category and then by environmental classification.)
  • serial number (VIN)
  • upload a digital copy of the vehicle registration
  • your name and home address

Do I need a Crit’air vignette? Do I need a Crit’Air vignette? All eligible vehicles need to display a Crit’Air vignette on their windscreen to be able to drive and park in restricted traffic zones, such as permanent low-emissions zones and emergency low-emissions zones. Not all vehicles are eligible for the vignettes.

Do I need a Crit’air certificate? Vehicles registered outside of France also need to display a Crit’Air certificate. What is Crit’Air? Crit’Air is an air quality certificate. Basically it’s a round vignette to stick on your vehicle.

What are the Crit’air categories? Crit’Air categories: Green – Crit’Air E (zero emissions – electric and hydrogen vehicles) Purple – Crit’Air 1 (gas and rechargeable hybrid vehicles) Yellow – Crit’Air 2 (Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles) Orange – Crit’Air 3 (Euro 4 vehicles) Burgundy – Crit’Air 4 (Euro 3 vehicles) Dark Grey – Crit’Air 5 (Euro 2 vehicles)

What are the new Crit’air rules in Paris? In 2022, this will be increased to include vehicles with Crit’air 3 stickers, and from 2024 to include Crit’air 2 stickers. By 2030, all vehicles in the zone will need to display a Crit’air 1 sticker, meaning that no diesel or petrol-only vehicles will be permitted within Paris. Unsure about the rules?

Do I need a Crit’air vignette?

What is the Crit’air vignette? The Crit’Air vignette or Clean Air sticker is a multi-category vignette system that classifies vehicles based on their air-polluting emissions. There are six different colour-coded stickers available, ranked from 0 to 5.

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Do you need a CRIT’AIR sticker to drive in France? You do need to buy a CRIT’Air sticker to drive in these or you will face a fine ranging from 68 to 375 Euros, depending on the kind of vehicle you’re driving. The stickers go in the windscreen and roadside cameras check them. It is unclear whether the French authorities monitoring the ZCRs are equipped to deal with foreign registered cars.

Can Crit’air vignette be displayed in Normandy and Angers? We are planning to drive through Normandy and also visit Angers. From what I’ve read, I believe that these are two localities where the local authorities can require the Crit’Air vignette to be displayed on certain days when there is excessive pollution in their locale.

Should you display a CRIT’AIR sticker on your car? The idea is that all vehicles should display a CRIT’Air car windscreen sticker (the French call them vignettes) to show how polluting they are. The authorities can then decide to ban the most polluting vehicles from city centres.

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