Stocks of tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon together witnessed their market capitalization declining by more than 300 billion dollars in the last week as quarterly earnings reports gave mixed results for almost all tech companies.

What companies have lost billions off their market cap? Other notable companies losing billions off their market cap include Intel and Microsoft (both in 2000), losing $90 billion and $80, respectively. Recent major losses—both in 2018—happened to Alphabet and Amazon. Alphabet lost $41 billion and Amazon lost $36.5 billion in a single day. 1.

What happened to Apple’s market cap? See how it works Apple’s market cap fell below $2 trillion in trading Tuesday for the first time since early 2021 and one year to the day after the company became the first public tech company valued at $3 trillion. Shares of Apple (AAPL) ended Tuesday down nearly 4% after a report raised concerns about consumer demand for its products.

What is the largest single-day decline in market capitalization? On Feb. 3, 2022, Meta Platforms set a new record for the largest single-day decline in market capitalization with a loss of $232 billion after a disappointing quarterly earnings report, eclipsing Apple’s (AAPL) $182 billion decline in 2020.

What causes a company’s market cap to change? Changes in Market Cap. Two main factors can alter company’s market cap: significant changes in the price of a stock or when a company issues or repurchases shares. An investor who exercises a large number of warrants can also increase the amount of shares on the market and negatively affect shareholders in a process known as dilution .

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What companies have lost billions off their market cap?

How much have 10 companies lost in market cap since 2008? The total loss in market cap for those 10 companies has been $1.04 trillion. Tomi Kilgore is MarketWatch’s deputy investing and corporate news editor and is based in New York. You can follow him on Twitter @TomiKilgore.

Which stocks are losing the most money in a year? Thursday afternoon, Amazon and Apple are on tap. A staggering $3 trillion in combined market cap has been lost in one year. Most of the losses have occurred across six of these stocks, but it’s hard to leave Apple off the list.

Which companies’ market cap increased the most in 2019? Here are the ten companies that saw their market cap gain the most in 2019,* with a combined total increase of nearly $2 trillion: Apple stock had a blockbuster year in which its market value rose by $497 billion to nearly $1.25 trillion, as its stock hit numerous new record highs in the second half of 2019.

Which stocks have made big gains in market value this year? Other stocks that have made big gains in market value this year include financial services companies like Visa ($115 billion), JPMorgan Chase ($111 billion) and Mastercard ($106 billion).

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