What does PROSCI mean? The name is derived from the first syllable of Professional and Science, reflecting the belief that scientific principles and research are fundamental to understanding organizational change. Since 1994, Prosci has accumulated extensive research on best practices in change management.

What is the prosci certification? This is what change management is all about, and the Prosci certification is one of several certifications in the change management field. In fact, it’s one of the most universally known.

What can prosci do for You? Prosci can partner with you to build capabilities to bring about change in new, smarter ways. So your employees embrace and adopt change, your investments in change pay off, and you’re equipped to face the changes of the future. Addressing unexpected change while keeping change management momentum going are top priorities for today’s organizations.

What is prosci’s approach to change management? Prosci’s approach to change management fosters end-user engagement, positioning managers to lead their people through change by engaging the intuitive ADKAR Model. This flexible, scalable methodology has been a game changer. The Prosci Methodology enables organizations to manage change wisely.

How to pronounce prosci? Prosci is pronounced pro-sigh. Some people pronounce it with a cee at the end (Pro-cee), but how to really pronounce Prosci goes back to the two words that make up the name, professional, and science. Prosci is the first three letters of the two words together, and is pronounced pro-sigh

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prosci certification

What is the prosci certification?

What training programs does prosci offer? Either way, Prosci has training programs to suit your unique organizational needs. Prosci Training Programs range from training individuals in change management to advancing the skills of change practitioners to equipping individuals in your organization to teach change management internally.

What is the prosci® change management certification? The Prosci® Change Management Certification is an experiential learning program that will teach you how to apply a holistic methodology and toolset to the actual project that is challenging you. After the Program, you will complete your own Change Management plans, based on research-based best practices. What’s in it for you?

Is a prosci certification worth the investment? A Prosci certification can help business professionals advance their careers in change management, learn best practices, improve change project outcomes, and more. But is a Prosci certification worth the investment? There are, after all, several different options when it comes to change management training, and not all offer the same advantages.

What makes prosci different? Prosci is focused exclusively on change management. When you work with Prosci, you work with the most knowledgeable team in the industry, backed by more than 20 years of change management research and best practices. We’re also committed to continually searching for ways to better manage the people side of change in a structured, repeatable way.

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