Viewed 1k times 2 In the original Mulan movie, Mushu is sent to wake the great stone dragon to go bring Mulan back. The dragon doesn’t wake up, and Mushu eventually ends up destroying the statue in his attempts to waken it.

What happened to the great stone dragon in Mulan? Mushu the dragon (Eddie Murphy), a disgraced former guardian, is sent to awaken the Great Stone Dragon, the most powerful guardian, to bring Mulan home safely. While grumpily trying to wake the statue by ringing a ceremonial gong, Mushu accidentally reduces it to rubble.

Why is Mushu a dragon in Mulan? She’s a true leader and a hero, making her the character most worthy of embodying the spirit of the Great Stone Dragon. Also, the fact that Mushu is a dragon may be a nod to the fact that, while Mulan is a mighty force on her own, she requires a little bit of guidance to be whole and achieve her goals.

What happens in the temple in Mulan? In the small temple on the Fa’s property, the spirits of the ancestors awaken to discuss what to do about Mulan. Mushu the dragon (Eddie Murphy), a disgraced former guardian, is sent to awaken the Great Stone Dragon, the most powerful guardian, to bring Mulan home safely.

What happens to Mulan’s father in Mulan? The Fa family’s only child, tomboy Mulan, fails to fulfill a Chinese girl’s traditional duty as desirable bride. When the empire mobilizes a man from every family to fight the invading Huns, Mulan fears her father, an honorable veteran, is no longer up to fighting and joins in his place, masquerading as fictitious son Fa Ping.

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dragons name in mulan

What is the name of the Dragon in Mulan called? Mushu, the anthropomorphic dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy in the animated film, is beloved for his comic timing and devotion to protecting Mulan when she poses as a man to serve in the army. Thereof, will Mushu be in Mulan?

What is Mulan real name? The stories are about a woman named Hua Mulan, who may have been a real figure who lived between 420 and 589 CE, during the Northern and Southern dynasties of China. Keep reading to learn more about how the Disney version adds up to the ancient Chinese account of this extraordinary figure. Mulan as a failed bride. Photo:

What are the Little Red Dragons name in Mulan? Mushu is an anthropomorphic red dragon and the deuteragonist of Disney’s 1998 animated feature film, Mulan. He is the titular character’s closest companion, acting as her guardian and guide. In the sequel, Mushu serves as the tritagonist where he was sadly flanderized.

What are the names of the characters in Mulan? Mulan (1998 Film) Character List

  • Fa Mulan. Mulan is the central character in the film.
  • Fa Zhou. Fa Zhou is Mulan’s father.
  • Mushu. Once disgraced, Mushu is a small dragon who used to be a guardian, but was demoted to gong-ringer after letting an ancestor lose their head in a horrible accident.
  • Li Shang.
  • Shan Yu.
  • The Emperor.

What happened to the great stone dragon in Mulan?

How did the Great Stone Dragon get inside Mulan? Another possibility is that the spirit of the Great Stone Dragon had been awakened by Mulan making her decision to take her father’s place as she was sitting in front of statue when making the decision and his spirit was inside of Mulan the whole time leaving the statue as an empty husk. Spring: Disney Color-Fest: A Street Party!

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Why does Mushu awaken the Great Stone Dragon? When Mulan decides to go to war to prevent her elderly father from going, and probably never returning home, Mushu is called upon by Mulan’s ancestor spirits to awaken the Great Stone Dragon to protect Mulan in her journey.

What happened to the great stone dragon in power of illusion? In Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, one of Mulan’s (actually Mushu’s) quests was to repair the Great Stone Dragon. It’s possible the Great Stone Dragon didn’t want to be a guardian and replaced himself with a statue replica of himself since he never woke up and his spirit didn’t rise up when Mushu accidentally smashed his statue.

How does Mulan decide to go to war? Mulan sits in the rain underneath the statue of the Great Stone Dragon (who is looking down on her), and suddenly decides on a course of action. She looks up, resolved to go to war in place of her father and runs into the temple where she lights the match and beseeches protection for her family.

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