When the top is initially spinning fast, it is pointing straight up and rotating around that axis. Its angular momentum is also pointing straight up and, through dissipative forces, it is decreasing a bit, but still pointing straight up.

What is it like to spin a spinning top? Aspinning top is remarkable because it tends to defy gravity while it isspinning. If spun fast enough, a spinning top will rise to a vertical positionand happily stay there, despite the fact that it will fall over if it stopsspinning. A spinning egg is just as amazing. If a hard-boiled egg is spun fast enough it will rise up and spin on one end.

How is a spinning top held upright? A spinning top is held upright by angular momentum. As Newton said, objects in motion, stay in motion. They don’t change direction or slow down without the application of an outside force. In fact, a well balanced top that is spun perfectly upright would never slow down if it were not for the energy lost to friction against the spinning surface.

What is the hardest top to spin? Titanium is another light top that is rather easy to spin and is actually our most popular top as well! The highly-desired Tungsten top is the heaviest in our collection right now and is the hardest to spin, but with a little bit of practice, you can become a master in no time, even if it is your first spinning top!

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How much does a spinning top cost? One thing is abundantly clear however, and that is the price. High spec spinning tops don’t come cheap. That’s because neither do the machines, or the people that are qualified to use them. A top of the range machine can start at around $100,000 and range up to an almost unlimited cost.

spinning top candlestick pattern

What is it like to spin a spinning top?

What is the goal of spinning a top? The goal of spinning a top is to counteract this tendency for as long as possible. When you spin a top, you start by holding the top vertically. This means that you are lifting up its center of mass off of the surface. Then, by giving it a good, hard spin, you create torque and angular velocity. Then it keeps spinning for a while on its own.

How to make a spinning top spin for a long time? The foremost thing you need to do to make a top spin for a long time is to obtain a high quality top. To know whether a top is capable of extended spinning, it’s helpful to understand why tops slow down and stop spinning in the first place. It mainly has to do with friction. Friction affects a spinning top in a couple of ways.

What makes a good spinning top base? Bill had a list of things he had in mind when creating the perfect spinning top base, including centering the top, provide long spin times, have a long-lasting surface, using glass material, and look appealing. Based on this list, Bill then needed to determine the specific type of glass and the dimensions for the spinning top base.

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What happens when a spinning top slows down? As a spinning top slows and gravitational torque comes into play, the top’s angular momentum decreases. When it loses enough angular momentum, it falls. The decrease in angular momentum creates a phenomenon known as precession. This is a change in the orientation of a spinning object, causing it to spin around a secondary axis.

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