A fake pass, also referred to as a pass fake, involves offensive action in which a player in possession of the basketball effectively pretends to throw it to a teammate but then keeps the ball to perform another action, which would commonly be an authentic pass for a scoring or playmaking opportunity.

What is a ball fake in basketball? A ball fake in basketball is a technique used by an offensive player to distract the defender and give the ball handler an advantage. A ball fake is executed when a player pretends to pass or shoot the ball in a convincing motion, but they do not actually let go of the ball.

What is a pass fake in soccer? A Pass Fake is fantastic for creating something out of nothing for the offensive player (Photo Source: Jeanette M. Otis) The first teaching point for an effective Pass Fake is for players to be in a low stance. This helps with the player being ready to anticipate the reaction of the defender and exploit any advantage.

Why is the pass fake so important? In all of these situations, the Fake is the one tool that can make the difference between players becoming frustrated and making poor choices and opportunities being presented. The Pass Fake however continues to be a skill not widely utilised by many players consistently.

What is a no look pass in football? A no look pass, as the name suggests, is a pass where the person with the ball doesn’t look at the person they’re passing to. They either keep their eyes on another player or, if they really want to sell the move, they fake a pass to someone first and then toss it to their real target.

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What is a ball fake in basketball?

Why do basketball players fake ball fakes? There are multiple reasons why an offensive player will conduct a ball fake. Some reasons are: The ball handler hopes that the defensive player will jump and leave their feet, therefore the offensive player can dribble away and get a much more wide open shot.

How do you sell a ball fake in soccer? Players must keep their feet in place when using this move, and will typically use their eyes to sell the fake as well. If the defender falls for the ball fake, they will most likely shift their body or eyes in the direction that the pass or shot was faked.

What is a fake pass in basketball? This involves pretending to move in one direction before abruptly changing directions. When this is executed correctly, it opens a lane for a pass, shot, or a new route to the basket. A fake pass in basketball is an especially effective fake because the defense typically adjusts as though the pass is going to happen.

Why don’t defenders defend against ball fakes? If the ball handler is a sub-par shooter, then the defender won’t nearly fall as easily for the ball fake, as they know that the chance the shooter will make the shot is small, therefore they will most likely allow them to shoot the ball uncontested.

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