The Sydney Road Brunswick Association (SRBA) is an initiative of local business operators to help support the overall growth and development of the Sydney Roadretail strip.Phone: Employees: 

Why choose Bo boasting Sydney Road Brunswick? Boasting languages, atmospheres and flavours from around the world, Sydney Road Brunswick offers an incredible array of cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, shops and professional services, each with a unique and authentic vibe.

What is Sydney Road’s business plan? The Association has a Business Plan which sets out how the promotion and marketing of the street will be achieved – and in particular, the strong emphasis on seeing Sydney Road become an eclectic destination that offers a diverse and authentic experience of multicultural Melbourne.

What is the multicultural nature of business on Sydney Road? The multicultural nature of business on Sydney Road is reflected in the cuisines offered by its restaurants and cafes.

What is Sydney Road? As a major activity centre in Moreland, Sydney Road is a key component in any strategies of urban intensification to meet the requirements of the Victorian Government’s metropolitan strategy, Melbourne 2030.

Why choose Bo boasting Sydney Road Brunswick?

Where is Brunswick in Melbourne? Just north of Melbourne’s CBD is Brunswick. Once the true multicultural core of the greater metropolitan area, Brunswick is now Melbourne’s hipster central. The area is home to many independent shops and thrift stores, as well as a huge variety of cool cafes and restaurants. It is also full of some of Melbourne’s coolest bars.

What is Sydney Road known for? Sydney Road has been the scene for some bitter sectarian clashes. In 1896, some 40,000 Catholics assembled at the corner of Brunswick Road and Sydney Road to protest against the 1500 Orange men and women assembled to commemorate the annual Protestant Battle of the Boyne. What ensued was mayhem with the hurling of abuse, violence and arrests.

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How did Sydney Road become the commercial spine of Brunswick? FACT: By 1879 the horse-drawn tram added to the road’s bustling atmosphere, and in 1887, Sydney Road entered the modern times with the arrival of the cable tram. With entrepreneurs seeking to capitalise on the road’s centrality and passing traffic, Sydney Road became the commercial spine of Brunswick.

Are there any Italian migrant communities in Brunswick? There were a few Italian migrants in Brunswick as far back as 1869, though, when Sebastiano Donelli came from Milan and established a spaghetti factory on Sydney Road. It operated until 1930, when it was donated and transformed into the Don Bosco Youth Centre. Don Bosco Youth Hostel, which was once Donnelli’s factory on Sydney Road

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