When it comes to finding the right tops to wear with athletic shorts, there are plenty of options to choose from. T-shirts and tank tops are always popular choices, as they are comfortable and provide just the right amount of coverage when you’re exercising or running errands. Long-sleeve tees and shirts are also great options, as they can keep you warm while still providing plenty of ventilation. Additionally, jackets and sweaters can be paired with athletic shorts to add a bit of style.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these tops and how to style them for a fashionable and comfortable look:


T-shirts are the most common type of clothing and are one of the most versatile items in anyone’s wardrobe. T-shirts come in a variety of styles, fabric, colors, sizes and prints. They can be plain or feature logos, slogans or other designs. T-shirts are great for all occasions, from casual to activewear.

T-shirts usually have a chest pocket and short sleeves. Modern technology has enabled t-shirt fabrics to come in a range of materials including cotton, polyester and spandex blends that provide comfort and breathability in any situation. Slim and standard fit options are available as well as men’s V-neck t-shirts which give a sharp tailored look with buttons down the front to add extra style.

At popular fashion outlets you can find brightly colored graphic tees with unique designs that will catch everyone’s eye as you walk by. Many stores stock unisex tees made from 100% cotton for maximum comfort as well as cool patterned t-shirts with tropical prints or striped patterns that can be layered up or down for different looks.

For those special formal occasions there are dress shirts which features long sleeves, collars and stark colouring – perfect with tailored trousers for any evening event. These fabrics can be cottons with elastane giving them the ability to stretch while maintaining their stiffness so they keep their shape all day long without creasing or sagging at all!

Tank tops

Tank tops are a versatile wardrobe staple, suitable for wearing year-round and suited for many occasions. They are typically sleeveless and generally cut much shorter than other types of shirts. Tank tops come in an array of fabrics, colors, and prints to suit every style. Common materials used in tanktop construction include cotton, polyester, Jersey fabric, and rayon.

Tank tops are a popular choice among men and women due to their lightweight and airy feel as well as their slimming quality when layered with other garments. With the added option of fun embellishments like tie-dye, novelty graphics or lacing accents on many tanks these days, they are easy to dress up or dress down depending on the atmosphere or activity.

From the beach to the gym to more formal events, tank tops make the perfect fashion statement while keeping you cool in any climate or environment.

Button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are a versatile choice when it comes to styling athletic shorts. These are perfect for a more polished, classic look. Consider choosing a lightweight cotton or linen shirt in either an easy-going solid color or with subdued plaid or patterned print for the top layer. Look for shirts in too-long lengths, as these can then be conveniently tucked in to lead the eye away from the waist.

Alternatively, you could opt for a lightweight Oxford shirt with its more tailored silhouette and preppy charm. Adding one of these would fit perfectly with any outfit featuring chino shorts or classic cut athleisure shorts. Whether you need a dressier look that’s still casual but office appropriate, or just want something a bit elevated than an everyday casual tee—a button-down is the right way to go!

For a truly intentional outfit with your athletic shorts, opt for complementary shades and choose sleeved versions of classic collared shirts like granddad tops, longer tunic styles and relaxed boyfriend styles that offer coverage and comfort without being overly formal.


A great way to complete an athleisure look is to find the right shoes to go with your athletic shorts. There are a lot of different shoe options available, from sneakers to sandals, that are perfect for when you want to dress up your athletic shorts.

Let’s dive into exploring some of the best shoe options for when you wear athletic shorts:

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Sneakers, also known as athletic shoes, are designed for active use, particularly shock absorption and foot protection during sports activities. Many sneakers have flexible soles designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue while giving support and excellent traction. Sneakers come in many styles, colors, and sizes to suit the needs of different athletes in different situations.

There is a wide variety of sneakers on the market today. For instance, running shoes usually have larger soles with swell or arch support to enhance performance when running long distances. Basketball shoes tend to be lightweight and provide better ankle support since basketball players tend to move laterally more often than runners. Cross trainers are great for athletes who require a mix of stability and freedom of movement for various activities as they offer good support with a slightly more flexible sole than running shoes.

For leisure purposes, sneakers are more versatile than ever before; casual sneakers come in both plainer designs that can be worn for many occasions as well as sportier designs accessorized with flashy details that make an ideal choice for social gatherings or fashion-conscious individuals looking to make a statement.


Sandals are open-toe or open-heel footwear, typically consisting of straps of leather, fabric, or plastic binding around the ankle and securing to the sole. Sandals are often worn for informal occasions such as at beaches, poolside lounging, or for summer outdoor activities. There are numerous styles available for men, women and children.

Sandal silhouettes can vary from flat slides and flip flops to mules and wedges. Flat sandals fit comfortably without heels and are versatile enough to wear with anything from shorts to dresses. Flip flops usually have a thong toe post between the big toe and other toes to keep them on your feet while walking. Mule sandal styles slide on the foot but leave part of the heel exposed to make them easier to slip into than other shoes with a backstay. Wedge sandals have thicker soles that taper up near the toes instead of a vertical wedge shape which provides added height with superior comfort levels compared to regular high-heeled shoes.

Sandals also come in various materials such as nylon webbing, soft cloth material, rubberized canvas material or synthetic materials like rubber, PU/PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Nylon webbing used in sandals is lightweight and breathable allowing feet some relief from dampness. Soft cloth material used for uppers is comfortable for all types of weather conditions making it popular among wearers who prefer flexibility over stability when walking around in sandals all day long.

Regardless of what style you choose for yourself or your family members this summer season – be sure it is comfortable enough due its construction materials support your daily activities unhampered yet stylishly looking at all times!


Flip-flops are a summer footwear staple and have come a long way in terms of style and fashion. Flip-flops provide the most comfort with the least restriction, making them the perfect complement to athletic shorts. They are light on your feet and offer good ventilation, so they are ideal for summer days spent outside or indoors.

When shopping for flip-flops, it’s important to look for ones with a comfortable base that offers arch support. With an array of colors, shapes, and styles available, there is sure to be a flip-flop option that matches your personal style. Whether you’re wearing athletic shorts to kick around the soccer ball or yoga shorts at the gym–a classic pair of flip-flops can provide just the right touch of fun and casualness.


Accessories can be a great way to dress up any outfit, even a casual one. When it comes to wearing athletic shorts, there are some great accessories that you can add to your look. These accessories can take your outfit from simple to stylish. Let’s take a look at what you can pair with your athletic shorts to add some extra flair:

  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry
  • Scarves
  • Belts
  • Shoes


Hats are a versatile way to add style to any outfit and make a fashion statement. While there are many styles of hats, the most popular categories include baseball caps, beanies, fedoras, and sun hats. Many designs also offer protection from the elements like rain or sun.

From snapback and trucker hats to beanies and fedoras, you can find a hat for every occasion. When shopping for hats, be sure to consider things like material (wool, fabric), styling (billed vs non-billed; structured vs unstructured), fit (circumference or size of crown or band) and color. Hats have long been a fashion staple among different cultures and are typically worn in one way – with the brim facing forward. Add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with one of these timeless accessories!

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Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to an athletic shorts outfit, as they provide stylish protection while allowing athletes to keep one eye on their competition. With so many different sunglass styles to choose from, it is important to consider the shape of your face and find a pair of sunglasses that best highlights your features.

Aviators, wayfarers and oversized frames are all classic sunglass styles that look great paired with shorts. For a more modern look, consider round frames or edgy cat-eye shape. Colorful and patterned lenses add interest and fun to any outfit—but don’t forget the practical: polarised lenses reduce glare from the sun’s reflection on water or white surfaces, making them perfect for activities like running and cycling in bright conditions.


When wearing jewelry, it’s important to remember that less is more. Choosing the right pieces can enhance an outfit and bring it to life. Jewelry also adds personality to any look – whether you prefer timeless classics, statement pieces or contemporary trends.

From necklaces and earrings to bracelets, rings and cufflinks, there is a wide range of options available for accessorizing any look. Necklaces are a great way to add an elegant touch when dressed for special occasions, while earrings have the power to transform any everyday outfit with a touch of glamour.

Bracelets add visual appeal when worn alone or stacked together with other pieces, while rings come in a variety of styles from elegant solitaires to bold statement pieces and trendy stacking rings. Cufflinks are perfect for completing formal looks while adding a personal touch; they come in traditional metal finishes as well as signature designs using novelty materials such as mother-of-pearl and enamel-coated metals.

Finally, don’t forget about color! A pop of color can take any look up a notch – choose gemstone jewelry like colored studs or go bold with eye-catching statement bracelets and necklaces with colorful beads or crystals.


Layering is a great way to create stylish and practical looks when wearing athletic shorts. You can wear a tank top or t-shirt under an open button-down shirt or sweater. You can add in a light jacket or vest for added warmth and style. Alternatively, you could layer a crop top or sports bra underneath a hoodie or bomber jacket for a chic and sporty ensemble. With the right pieces, you can make the most out of the comfort and style of athletic shorts.


Layering your clothing can help keep you warm during the colder months, while also allowing you to create stylish layered outfits. One key piece of clothing that is essential for layering is a sweater. Whether it’s a light cardigan or a cozy pullover, sweaters are great for staying warm and looking good. Here are some recommendations on different types of sweaters that can be worn for layering:

  • Lightweight Cardigans: Lightweight cardigans are perfect for layering on milder days or when you’re indoors and need an extra layer. A chunky ribbed turtleneck or cable knit can provide just the right amount of warmth without being too heavy.
  • Heavy Knits: For truly chilly temperatures, a heavy knit is essential for staying toasty warm as well as looking great. Opt for comfortable oversized knits with plenty of texture like an aran stitch rib jumper or large cable knit sweater.
  • Botanical Sweaters: For adding some subtle texture and color to your ensemble, go for a botanical sweater which has whimsical floral patterns woven into the fabric. These versatile items look great over plain shirts and dresses and will instantly jazz up any outfit!


Jackets are great for layering over your athletic shorts, allowing you to vary the look of your outfit each time you wear them. A lightweight bomber jacket is an ideal choice for this; since it has a semi-fitted cut, it’ll provide a nice tailored look when layered with shorts. If you want to go for an edgier look, try a moto or aviator style jacket in leather or another sturdy fabric. For a more casual style, pair the shorts with a denim trucker or chambray shirt.

For cold weather days, opt for a heavy coat like an oversize parka or peacoat to keep warm and complete the look. For extra style points and insulation, try layering on pieces like cardigans, sweaters or hoodies underneath the jacket. The additional layers will help keep your core warm while still keeping you comfortable as you move and exercise.

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Hoodies are a great option when looking to wear athletic shorts in cooler weather. They will not only provide an extra layer of warmth, but can also provide protection against wind and light rain.

When layering with hoodies, it is important to consider the length and fit of your outerwear. A snug-fit hoodie that matches the length of an athletic short will give you an optimal combination of comfort and coverage while still allowing flexibility and mobility. An oversized or bulky hoodie might cause excess heat, while a shorter top could make you feel overexposed in certain conditions. Layer with caution!

Outfit Ideas

Athletic shorts are an essential part of any wardrobe, and they can be a great way to stay cool while looking fashionable. Whether you’re out for a walk, at the gym, or simply chilling out, there are plenty of outfit ideas that you can pair with a pair of athletic shorts.

From tanks and t-shirts, to hoodies and sweatshirts, here are some suggestions for your next look:

  • Tanks and t-shirts
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts


When picking out an outfit to wear with athletic shorts, it is important to remember to dress for the occasion. For a casual outing, a comfortable polo shirt tucked into the shorts will give you a classic yet stylish look. To add some character and dimension to the look, consider pairing your outfit with a lightweight vest or utility-style jacket that has multiple pockets.

If you are accessorizing your outfit, try choosing practical items such as aviator sunglasses or a messenger bag that help keep your look fashionable and functional. And don’t forget comfortable shoes – walking shoes, sandals, or slip-ons are all suitable footwear choices for an effortless casual ensemble.


Sporty can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Athletic shorts look great with a graphic tank top and a pair of statement shoes. A denim or leather jacket can take an outfit from day to night, as well as adding structure and texture to the look. For a simple but polished finish, add a pair of hoop earrings, some colorful bangles, and bold sunglasses.

If you’re feeling more casual, go for an oversized t-shirt and trainers. Finish the look with a colorful scarf and watch – this will keep you looking comfy yet stylish. You can also add beanies, scarves or caps for an even more relaxed feel. If you’re feeling really daring, try mixing up block colors (e.g., bright yellow t-shirt with bright orange shorts). The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your athletic shorts!


Athletic shorts are a wardrobe essential especially during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine that look with something dressy. There are a range of outfits you can create with athletic shorts and dressed up pieces so you can be comfortable as well as stylish.

  • Team up dressy shirts or blouses with athletic shorts to create an ultra-modern look. Boat neck tops and tuxedo shirts provide a contemporary finish while keeping the look clean and effortless. Shirt dresses can also transition easily from day to night when paired with some statement jewelry and heels.
  • Keep things casual, yet still fashionable by pairing off the shoulder tops with athletic shorts. From simple tees to floral printed blouses, these tops will perfectly accentuate your style without adding too much bulk or fabric. Lace crop tops give off a soft and feminine vibe when teamed up with some mid length shorts. It’s an easy way to achieve maximum style points while keeping it effortless!
  • Add in some looser shapes such as button down shirts or oversized linen tunics for added structure and dimension when wearing athletic shorts. These top layers add depth to the look, creating interest without compromising on comfort or fit. Tuck them into high waisted styles for a polished finish, or tie them in knots for going out looks.

Overall, pairing athletic shorts with dressy pieces is easier than ever! With many outfit options available you’ll always have something interesting to wear no matter what the occasion may be à la Athleisure chic!

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