Finding the perfect body shaping undergarment can be a daunting task, but Spanx shorts are an excellent option to help you look your best. Spanx is a brand dedicated to providing modern and stylish options for anyone looking for comfortable, flattering clothing that adds a little extra shape and control where it’s needed.

If you’re in the market for a pair of Spanx shorts, you may have already considered some of the options available online. However, finding the right size and style spanx shorts can be tricky when shopping online. To ensure that you find the perfect fit, consider shopping at one of the many retail locations that carry Spanx products so that you can try on different styles before making your purchase.

Where to Buy Spanx Shorts

Spanx shorts are great for creating a smooth look under your clothes and can be found in most major retail stores. They come in different sizes, styles, and colors which cater to different types of body shapes. You can also buy Spanx shorts online, which allows you to save time, browse a wider selection, and even get discounts on certain items.

In this article, we will be exploring the best places to buy Spanx shorts:

Online Retailers

The Internet offers a wide variety of online retailers selling Spanx shorts. It can be difficult to determine which ones offer the best quality and customer service, so here is a list of reputable online shops where you can purchase Spanx shorts:

  • Amazon, where you’ll find a selection of Spanx Bermuda, bike, boyfriend and legging shorts.
  • Dillard’s offers traditional and modern styles of Spanx shorts in both regular and petite sizes.
  • Macy’s carries a variety of Spanx bike, loose fit and high-waisted shorts in neutral colors like black and navy.
  • Nordstrom has classic bermuda-style shorts as well as more fashion-forward designs with mesh panels or lace inserts.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue sells traditional cotton Bermudas in addition to other styles with decorative detail such as button plackets or cuffed hems.
  • Zappos carries an extensive selection of stretchy Spanx shorts that are perfect for wearing under dresses or skirts while keeping your silhouette looking sleek and streamlined.
  • Walmart has a large assortment of different lengths and colors that range from basic prints to bold colors like red and purple.

No matter your style preference, one of these online retailers is sure to have the perfect pair for you!

Department Stores

Department stores are a natural place to start when searching for Spanx shorts. These stores typically have great variations in both style and size of Spanx products, making them an ideal first stop for a comprehensive view of what is available. Department stores that carry these products usually also offer excellent customer service and advice on which Spanx shorts will suit you best. Be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal sales and deals while shopping!

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Popular department stores stocking Spanx shorts include Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s. Look out for special collections such as the Luxe Shorts Collection or the Denim Shorts Collection featuring premium Italian yarns that are sourced with sustainable standards. Prices should range anywhere from $20 – 70 depending on the quality and design you select.


For those looking to buy Spanx clothing and accessories, you may want to start by checking out both independent and chain boutiques. Boutiques can offer a unique selection of Spanx shorts that may be difficult to find in department stores or online. Before heading to a store, it’s always a good idea to call in advance and make sure they carry the product you are looking for. You can also locate nearby boutiques on Spanx’s website, which list retailers that carry their products organized by city.

If you’re looking for an even wider selection of Spanx shorts, department stores are ideal. Popular retailers like Macy’s, Dillard’s and Nordstrom usually carry Spanx’s Classic collection as well as their more popular lines including Oncore and Assets. If you have time in-store at any of those locations, contact a sales associate for help in finding the item that is right for you.

Of course, if all else fails and it’s inconvenient for you to physically browse through stores, you still have the option of purchasing online through Amazon or directly from Spanx themselves.

Specialty Stores

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of Spanx Shorts, there are a variety of options available. While many department stores carry a selection of Spanx Shorts, the most extensive range of styles, sizes and colors will be found at specialty stores.

For those looking for a popular retailer that specializes in Spanx shorts, Nordstrom may be the place to visit. Spanx products are available online at and they also offer free shipping and free returns on items bought from their website. Whether you’re looking for high-waisted shorts, classic hipster shorts or Bermuda-length shorts, you’ll find something for every style at Nordstroms.

Another major retailer that offers an extensive selection of Spanx shorts is Macy’s. They carry a wide variety of sizes and styles including high-rise power playshorts with horizontal pleats and more classic styles such as mid-rise body shapers with adjustable straps in both plain and printed varieties. If you’re searching for something special or we’re trying to find size information that is specific to your needs then this may be the best place to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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In addition to department stores such as Nordstrom’s and Macy’s there are a number of other retailers which specialize in selling Spanx Shorts including Jet, ShopBop and Zulily who each offer unique selections of this popular product line. So if you’re searching for surefire way to look sophisticated without sacrificing comfort then check out one of these great retailers today!

Tips for Buying Spanx Shorts

Spanx shorts are a great way to get a flattering and slimming look, but buying the right pair isn’t always easy. Different cuts and shapes may be more or less flattering on certain body types. It can also be difficult to know where to buy them, and finding the right size can be a challenge too. Fortunately, with a few tips, you can be sure to buy the perfect fit!

Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect pair of Spanx shorts:

  • Consider your body type and choose a cut and shape that is most flattering.
  • Know where to shop for Spanx shorts – look for online stores or specialty retailers.
  • Be aware of the different sizes available and make sure to measure yourself accurately before making a purchase.

Choose the Right Size

Picking the right size of Spanx shorts is essential for achieving the desired fit and level of comfort. Before you purchase any style of Spanx shorts, take a few moments to measure yourself accurately in order to get the most out of your garment.

Using a measuring tape, check your hip and waist circumference. You should always measure at the fullest part of your hips and waist. Have a look at the size chart provided by Spanx in order to determine which size will give you the most flattering silhouette. With their signature compression fabric, these shorts can help to energize your daily routine or help you look amazing under even the most form-fitting dress or leggings.

When sizing for Spanx shorts, don’t rely on clothing size labels – these will rarely give an accurate indication of what will fit comfortably or flatteringly on your body. Be sure to try on several different styles and sizes before committing to one in order to ensure that you get exactly what looks best on you!

Consider the Material

When shopping for Spanx shorts, it is important to consider the material. Spanx offers a variety of different materials to choose from when selecting a pair of shorts, including lightweight cotton and polyester blends that offer breathability and comfort. It’s a good idea to try on several different types of material to see which type feels the most comfortable and flattering next to your skin. Additionally, opting for fabrics such as nylon or nylon-blends can give you the desired level of body-confidence because these fabrics often have light shaping power built right into them.

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Other considerations when purchasing Spanx shorts are the waistband, leg openings and crotch panel. Look for waistbands with wide elasticated bands designed to flatter as well as smooth out any bumps in that general area. The legs should hug your body like a pair of second skin tight pants but remain non- constricting at the same time. Finally, make sure you find a pair with a gusseted crotch panel that allows for extra flexibility and movement without ever feeling uncomfortable or tight in this area.

Look for Special Features

When shopping for Spanx shorts, it’s important to pay close attention to the special features and design of the product. Look out for a stretch cotton or nylon-spandex blend fabric that hugs your body in all the right places. Most Spanx shorts also have a blend of nylon and Lycra spandex fabric for additional comfort, flexibility, and optimal control.

The waistband of Spanx shorts come in various styles for different degrees of coverage. Many feature a wide comfortable non-roll waistband that stays in place without bunching or digging in, and some are constructed with a higher waist or stomach flattening effect. Low-rise styles provide gentle smoothing from mid thigh to just below your natural waistline while mid-rise styles offer more coverage and hold their shape while flatlocked seams help prevent chafing.

Finally, look out for short designs that are moisture-wicking to keep you cooler and drier during an intense workout. Additionally, stay mindful of unique color palettes like pastels and patterns break up neutral wardrobes just enough to still feel professional whether you’re working from home or outdoors. By taking into account these considerations when you go shopping for Spanx shorts, you should be able to find one that makes you feel comfortable and compliments your silhouette perfectly.


When looking for a pair of Spanx shorts, there are many options available to suit your individual needs. Spanx shorts come in many different styles and colors, offering the perfect combination of style, support and comfort.

You can find Spanx shorts at leading retail stores and online retailers. Many stores will also have offers for discounted prices and free shipping options. This makes it easier to purchase your desired style or color without having to break the bank.

No matter if you’re looking for a specific style or just a basic black pair of shorts, Spanx has you covered!

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