The section of the Kern River

between Lake Isabella and the Johnsondale Bridge is the North Fork of the Kern River and commonly called the Upper Kern. Designated a Wild and Scenic River, this section of the river is easily accessed by vehicle.

What is the upper Kern River known for? The Upper Kern River within the Golden Trout Wilderness is designated as a “Wild and Scenic” river by the State of California. It has one of the few remaining native trout for California streams in the Kern River Rainbow.

What is the North Fork of the Kern River? The North Fork of the Kern River, sometimes called the Main Branch, starts from several small lakes in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. It begins in the Sequoia National Park and flows through the Ino and Sequoia National Forests and the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Where does the Kern River flow through California? Water from Kern Lake would then flow west through Buena Vista Slough into Lake Buena Vista, another seasonal lake that reached sizes of about 4,000 acres (1,600 ha). Another channel of the Kern River flowed from the Bakersfield area southwest directly to Buena Vista Lake.

Where are the trout in the Kern River? The State has also designated a 45 mile portion of the Kern as one of 6 Heritage Trout Waters, which starts at the Forks of the Kern and ends at Tyndall Creek. Genetic testing has found that those Rainbows below the confluence of Durwood Creek have interbred with stockers.

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upper kern river map

Is there a Kern River Whitewater map and guidebook? Eventually, the projects scope came into focus: Our Kern River whitewater map and guidebook had arrived. This will forever be a work in progress, but we think it’s pretty good so far. We have rapid descriptions, Google Map shuttle routes, mileage, and loads more. Our intended audience is experienced private boaters that are new to the Kern River.

What are the characteristics of the Kern River? While the Kern River shares many of California rivers’ common characteristics such as granite, ponderosa pines, and pool-drop rapids, the Kern definitely dances to its own beat. First, it spends most of its journey heading north to south, rather than the typical east to west flow of Sierra rivers.

How long is the Kern River in California? The Kern is a 165 mile long river that passes through scenic canyons and mountains. Originally known as “Rio de San Felipe” or “La Porciuncala,” the River is a popular destination among kayakers, white water rafters, and river boarders.

How far is the Kern wild and Scenic River? Wild — 123.1 miles; Scenic — 7.0 miles; Recreational — 20.9 miles; Total — 151.0 miles. The North Fork and South Fork of the Kern Wild and Scenic River is located within a four-hour drive of more than one-third of the population of southern California.

What is the upper Kern River known for?

What is the Kern River? Draining an area of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, northeast of Bakersfield in Kern County of California, the Kern River is the southernmost river system in the Sierra Nevada.

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What is the upper Kern known for? The Upper Kern is well known for two reasons: Plentiful access and a variety of whitewater from Class II to Class V. There are a lot of different sections and nuances with the Upper Kern, so that information is broken out below. Our Kern River guidebook is available for download and offline use through our app partner, FarOut.

Is the Kern River good for whitewater rafting? Kern Watershed The Kern River has every variation of whitewater for all skill levels. The river and its tributaries offer some of the most challenging and visually stunning whitewater in the world. The Upper Kern (North Fork) has over 20 miles of easily accessible whitewater for rafting and kayaking.

What is the landscape of the South Fork Kern River? The South Fork Kern River flows through a diverse landscape, including whitewater, waterfalls, large granite outcrops interspersed with open areas, and open meadows with extensive vistas. The segment in the Domeland Wilderness flows by numerous granitic domes and through a rugged and steep granitic gorge where whitewater rapids are…

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