Are you looking for a way to maintain your fresh-from-the-salon color without the hassle of a full head color? Clairol Root Touch-Up Powder is an easy and fast solution to getting natural, salon quality results in minutes. With no bleach or peroxide, you can cover grey and roots with ease in between full head coloring sessions.

Root Touch-Up Powder neutralizes the gray and restores vibrancy while blending seamlessly with your existing shade. There are multiple shades available giving you options to choose from depending on the tones and depths of your hair colour. This gives you the flexibility to find a look that perfectly flatters your colour while giving you an effortless touch up at home!

Clairol Root Touch-Up Powder is available as a single purchase item or in touches of 3 pods each containing 7g of product which is equivalent to about one full application. To ensure that you get just the right shade for your hair, we recommend that customers match their natural hair colour before making their purchase using our Hair Color Guide on our website. Now let’s get into how and where you can purchase this amazing product!

Overview of Clairol Root Touch Up Powder

Clairol Root Touch Up Powder is a great way to cover up gray hairs without having to commit to a full dye job. With their unique blend of pigments and powders, it can help you get the coverage you need in areas like your temples and part lines.

If you’re looking for the perfect product to help you maintain your desired look, Clairol Root Touch Up Powder is definitely worth looking into.

Benefits of Clairol Root Touch Up Powder

Clairol Root Touch Up Powder is a quick and easy way to cover gray roots, touch-up roots between colorings, and extend the life of your hair color. Using a precise applicator brush at the crown of your head, this fast-acting root powder instantly refreshes your look for up to three weeks.

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The powder’s additional benefits include:

  • Perfectly seamless blend: Once applied, the powder adheres to individual strands for an ultra-natural finish and never looks noticeable or overly made up like other root touch up products.
  • Variety of shades: Choose from seven natural tones that match medium brown and dark shades of blonde, brunette, and red hair.
  • Coverage & control: Clairol Root Touch Up Powder provides full coverage while still allowing flexibility – experiment with different depths or allow regrowth without worrying about sticky residue.
  • Lightweight formula: The superfine application process prevents clumpy buildup, resulting in a weightless feel that requires no rinsing until it’s time for another application.
  • Safe for every day wear: This root touch up powder is free from sulfates, parabens, dyes and gluten; so you can wear it all day long without worrying about residue on clothing or damage to your hair.

Types of Clairol Root Touch Up Powder

Clairol Root Touch Up powder is a popular hair coloring product for covering gray or white roots and refreshing your color. It is available in five different shades – Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Light Auburn and Dark Auburn. Additionally, it can be used to provide coverage for up to three weeks without causing damage to the hair or scalp.

Clairol Root Touch Up powder is available in two forms – one for professional hairdressers and another for DIY home users. The professional version contains additional ingredients that are more suitable for use on sensitive scalps. Likewise, it is easy to mix with the Clairol Pro-Rescue Complex Hair Color Soothing Oil and Protective Base which provide extra nourishment and protection to the scalp during color application.

Clairol Root Touch Up powder is ideal for all hair types; natural, synthetic or straightened hair can benefit from its use. Additionally, it delivers results within minutes with no unpleasant odors after application. It also leaves hair soft and vibrant instead of dry and lifeless after each use. Finally, it has long lasting effects as long as the user follows label instructions closely and avoids excessive washing or styling products that could diminish its effectiveness over time.

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Where to Buy Clairol Root Touch Up Powder

Clairol Root Touch Up Powder is a great way to touch up your roots between hair salon visits. Whether you want to cover grey hairs or just extend the life of your hair color in-between appointments, Root Touch Up Powder can offer you the convenience and cost savings that you need.

Now, the next question is where you can buy Clairol Root Touch Up Powder. Let’s take a look at the different places where you can purchase this product:

Online Retailers

Clairol root touch up powder is a fast, easy and convenient way to cover gray or grown-out roots without permanent color or commitment. It is available through many online retailers. Popular online retailers that offer Clairol root touch up powder include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ulta and

Amazon offers a variety of shades of the touch up powder from as light as Platinum Blonde to as dark as Chromalights Brown for those who want to match all hair colors in between. Prices are competitive and free shipping may be available on eligible orders.

Walmart also carries a wide range of Clairol hair color products including various root touch up powders in different shades at competitive prices. However, it is important to note that customers must pick the product up in store unless shipping is selected at time of purchase.

Target also carries Clairol Root Touch Up Powder products. Customers can choose from blonde, brunette and red shades and the items may ship for free depending on order size or price limits for eligibility for free shipping with minimum purchase requirements that vary by location per Target website policies.

Ulta offers a few varieties of Clairol Root Touch Up Powder products in store and online, while carries several varieties with various pricing options depending on shade ranges desired with direct discounts available when buying more than one box at one time on select hair color products per drugstores website promotion policies at time of retailer visit or purchase.

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Local Retailers

Clairol root touch up powder is a convenient product that you can use to cover greys and refresh your color between full hair dyeing treatments. This type of powder typically comes in a small bottle or tube, enabling you to use only the amount required to avoid mess and waste.

You can buy Clairol root touch up powder at some of the larger local and online retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, and Ulta Beauty. Depending on where you shop, prices may vary significantly.

To find out if a particular store carries Clairol root touch up powder in-store or online, you can either look for it in their beauty aisle or contact customer service for more information about their stock. It is worth noting that most retailers will have clairol root touch up in blonde shades but not many options for other colors like black or brown. Additionally, some stores will stock alternate clairol products which can be used as a substitute to cover grey hair without needing to do an entire dye treatment.


Drugstores are one of the most convenient places to buy Clairol Root Touch Up Powder. Many drugstores such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid carry the product in their hair care section. The powder typically comes in a small box with sufficient quantity for several applications. It is often possible to find discounted prices for bulk purchases or other promotional offers when shopping at a drugstore.

Check your local store’s website or inquire in-store for more information and availability of the product before making a purchase.


In conclusion, Clairol Root Touch-Up Powder is available online and at most drugstores, beauty stores, salons, and department stores. Depending on your geographic area and availability, prices may vary. Be sure to read product descriptions carefully to ensure you purchase the right color for your needs and budget.

Whether you are covering up grays or just touching up regrowth in between hair dye applications, Clairol Root Touch-Up Powder is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant.

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