Jessica Simpson is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. She has always been loved and admired for her gorgeous beauty, but it was her larger-than-life figure that made her an even bigger sensation. When she was photographed looking significantly slimmer, people started to wonder what diet pills did Jessica Simpson take to lose so much weight so quickly?

In this article, we will explore the various diet pills that Jessica Simpson has reportedly taken over the years and try to determine if any of them actually helped her lose weight. We will also look into the safety and efficacy of these products and offer some suggestions for more effective weight loss methods. Read on to find out the truth about which diet pills did Jessica Simpson take!

Overview of Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Simpson’s Journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle has been an inspiration to many. She is known for her successful weight loss results, and the methods she used to achieve them.

In this overview we will discuss Jessica Simpson’s diet and exercise routines, and the diet pills she took on her journey. We will also discuss the pros and cons of her approach, as well as her current diet and exercises that are helping her maintain her fit and healthy lifestyle.

Pre-Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss tale is one of the most remarkable we have all seen, and it all began many years prior to her success. In an interview with US Weekly, she described her pre-weight loss struggle, confessing that she struggled to lose weight throughout her teenage years and into adulthood.

The initial step of Jessica’s weight loss journey started in the early 2000’s. She began to practice healthy eating habits and got involved in a proper exercise regime for 2 hours for 5 days every week. Additionally, she took dietary supplements such as green tea supplements and Alli diet pill which helped to reduce appetite, boost metabolism and provide added energy throughout the day. Those combined tactics helped her slim down from a size 16 to a size 8 over the course of two years. With this major transformation, Jessica was well on her way to achieving a healthy weight and inspiring others around the world.

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Weight Loss Journey

Jessica Simpson, who rose to fame in the early 2000s, has gone through a considerable body transformation. After recently giving birth to her daughter Birdie, she set out on a mission to lose weight in order to reclaim her pre-pregnancy shape. After gaining 20 pounds while pregnant, Jessica found success with Weight Watchers and lost 100 pounds in six months.

In an effort to kickstart her weight loss journey, Jessica started taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements. Garcinia Cambogia works by blocking fat from being produced and stored within the body and helps naturally suppress appetite. She said that it provided noticeable results after two weeks of use and that she was able to see “real changes” in her body shape within four weeks of taking the supplement.

In addition to adhering to a strict diet plan prescribed by Weight Watchers, Jessica also credited yoga for helping with her physical transformation. She used yoga for exercise as well as for calming meditation practices when she felt herself reaching for food out of boredom or stress.

By combining Garcinia Cambogia supplements with a diet plan and yoga practice, Jessica was able to achieve remarkable results throughout her weight loss journey. Her story serves as an inspiring example of what you can achieve when you take small but significant steps towards your health goals every day!

Diet Pills Used by Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is known for her incredible weight loss transformation, and many people are curious to know what methods she used to achieve her goal. Diet pills have been reported to be one of the main tools that Jessica used to help her in her journey, but which diet pills did she take?

In this article, we will go in-depth into Jessica Simpson’s diet pills and explore the pros and cons of each.


Alli, which is the brand name for the drug orlistat, is the diet aid that Jessica Simpson has been crediting for her recent weight loss. Alli belongs to a group of medicines called lipase inhibitors. It works by blocking the absorption of some of the fat from food you eat, keeping it from being stored on your body as excess weight.

It may seem counterintuitive to consume fat in order to lose it, but Alli works because when you eat fat, your body produces an enzyme called lipase that breaks down dietary fats into smaller components so it can be absorbed by the intestines and made available for energy. When Alli blocks this enzyme from breaking down dietary fats, fewer calories are absorbed and excess weight is lost as a result.

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Alli comes in pill form and can be taken with each meal containing fat (not more than three times daily), up to a maximum daily intake of 15 grams of fat per meal. It can be used with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program to help you lose more weight than dieting alone. Before taking Alli, users should talk with their doctor about any pre-existing conditions they may have and have regular checkups and laboratory tests during treatment.


Hydroxycut is a popular dietary supplement used for weight loss and appetite suppression. The brand is well-known for celebrity endorsements – Jessica Simpson famously took Hydroxycut to reach her goal weight after giving birth to her daughter.

Hydroxycut is a blend of natural ingredients that helps to kick-start the metabolism and burn fat. The active ingredient in the product is caffeine anhydrous, an extract of green coffee beans, which increases thermogenesis (the body’s ability to burn calories) as well as providing energy. Other ingredients commonly found in Hydroxycut include bitter orange extract, guarana seed extract, lady’s mantle extract, kelp powder and l-carnitine tartrate. There can be slight formula variations depending on the type of Hydroxycut product being used – tablets or drink mix.

The manufacturer recommends taking two doses of Hydroxycut per day with a full glass of water before meals, but it’s important to check with your doctor before starting any diet regime that involves supplements. As with all dietary supplements, there are possible side effects associated with taking Hydroxycut such as increased heart rate and difficulty sleeping; in some cases more serious side effects may occur for people who have pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. These potential risks should be weighed carefully before experimenting with this or any other product marketed as a supplement or diet aid.


Lipozene, a product produced and marketed by Obesity Research Institute LLC, is a diet pill that was reportedly used by Jessica Simpson in 2009 as part of her diet and exercise program. Lipozene is designed to primarily target fat stored in the body by using a dietary fiber composed of konjac glucomannan. The primary ingredient in Lipozene has been studied extensively and has been determined to be both safe and effective for weight management purposes.

Additionally, the ingredient in Lipozene helps to absorb the body’s bile during digestion along with other substances that have a high calorie count. As an added bonus, Lipozene also contains two additional ingredients, chromium and green tea extract. Chromium helps to control blood sugar levels while green tea extract naturally boosts energy levels as well as promote weight loss through increased metabolism.

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Overall, reports of Jessica Simpson’s success with this supplement demonstrate that when combined with the proper diet and exercise regimen, it can be an effective tool for aiding weight loss. However it’s important to note this doesn’t guarantee weight loss for all individuals who take it as results may vary from person to person due to individual physiological differences or metabolic rates even when following the same guidelines for usage.

Other Supplements Used by Jessica Simpson

In addition to ReClens, a handful of other supplements have been reported to be part of Jessica Simpson’s diet plan. Diabetes pill Metformin, fat burner Mega-T Green Tea and appetite suppressant Super CitriMax are among the drugs that have been credited with helping her succeed in her weight loss efforts.

It was also reported that the singer was using acai berry and hoodia supplements for their antioxidant, fat-burning and appetite minimizing abilities. However, there is no solid verification on whether or not these other dietary aids were actually taken by Simpson as it is mostly speculation at this point.

The singer also made sure to change up her workouts every so often. She kicked off with traditional cardio but eventually moved onto Pilates and hot yoga practices after that. She lifted weights with personal trainer Harley Pasternak three times per week, exhausting nearly all muscle groups throughout each session. Finally she saw success when she combined this regiment with mindful eating throughout the day – no matter how busy she got between takes on set at “The Price of Beauty“.


In conclusion, the claims that Jessica Simpson took certain diet pills have been unsubstantiated and there is no evidence to suggest the authenticity of these allegations. While there is an abundance of information available regarding various diet supplements and their purported weight-loss benefits, it is important to remember that using dietary pills can have serious side effects. Therefore, consumers should always research reputable treatments before taking any kind of dietary supplement or medication.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended that anyone considering taking a supplement consult with a qualified health care professional before doing so.

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