The right set of shoe insoles can help to improve foot alignment and reduce unnecessary strain on your body. Superfeet is a leading brand of insoles and orthotics that provide superior arch support and shock absorption to help keep you comfortable on your feet all day long.

Insoles are designed based on the shape of the average user’s foot, so it’s important to identify which type of Superfeet insole is right for you. In this guide, we’ll explore the different styles available, how to properly measure your feet, and what makes one insole different from another. Weighing these aspects will enable you to make an informed decision about which Superfeet insole is best for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Insole

Choosing the right insole for your foot type is an important decision to make. Superfeet insoles come in a variety of styles and materials, and selecting the right one for your needs is essential.

Before investing in an insole, it’s important to consider a few factors such as foot shape, arch type, foot size, and activity level. Doing this will help you find the right insole for your feet and ensure better performance and comfort.

Foot Shape and Size

When selecting an insole, the most important factors are foot shape and size. There are many different types of feet, including flat feet, high arches and curved arches, so it’s important to find an insole that is suitable for your particular foot type.

The insole should fit snugly within your shoe’s dimensions, filling all available space while leaving room for toes to wiggle freely. It is also important to get an insole that matches the size of your foot or shoes as closely as possible; any slight potential differences may affect the fit and effectiveness of the product.

Activity Level

When picking the right insole, it is important to consider your activity level. If you are an athlete with an active lifestyle, you want an insole that offers shock absorption and comfort, while still providing structure and support. Superfeet insoles are highly supportive and will help you stay comfortable throughout the duration of your activities.

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For those with more sedentary lifestyles, extra cushioning may be necessary; however, if support is needed, choose a thinner insole with arch support to keep the foot stable during everyday activities. Ultimately, ensuring the correct fit for your shoe size and foot shape is key when selecting the best insole for you.

Arch Support

Arch support is a key factor to consider when searching for the perfect insole. The way an arch support feels can have an impact on your overall comfort level. When looking for insoles, you should make sure they are flexible and supportive enough to keep your feet comfortable while standing or walking.

Arch support also helps with maintaining optimum balance and posture, which can help prevent injuries associated with walking and running.

When buying insoles, look for ones that match the shape of your foot arch and offer good arch support. You may want to try different styles to find what works best for you since all feet are different shapes and sizes. Also, remember that over-the-counter insoles may be adjustable or customizable depending on what’s available, so if needed you can adjust them to fit better – either by cutting them down or adding more cushioning in particular areas.


Cushioning is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an insole. Do you need a thin and lightweight layer or cushion that absorbs shock? Or something thicker and more supportive to provide more stability? If your feet feel uncomfortable when walking or running, cushioning is essential.

Many insoles are designed with additional arch support, either built into the material or layered on top; this can be critical for those who stand long hours at work or lead an active lifestyle. Additionally, many insoles offer specific cushioning designed for each part of the foot—heel, arch, or forefoot—to enhance comfort and avoid squeezing too much in one area.

Different types of cushioning materials are available such as

  • foam-based insoles,
  • air pockets,
  • gel inserts,
  • etc.

so consider what serves your needs best before making your purchase.

Types of Superfeet Insoles

Choosing the correct Superfeet insole for your feet can be a daunting task. There are multiple products with different features and purposes. Superfeet insoles come in many shapes, sizes, and materials so it’s important to know what type of insole is best for your needs.

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This article will discuss the different types of Superfeet insoles and their features:

Superfeet Green

Superfeet Green insoles are designed to provide essential arch support, stability and cushioning for medium to high arches. This style is suitable for all types of shoes, from sporty to casual and is designed for feet of all lengths and volumes.

The Superfeet Green insole features a foam layer that molds to the shape of your foot creating a comfortable, personalized fit that cushions your feet without packing out. Its signature hourglass shape provides shock absorption with firm heel-to-toe construction that helps reduce stress on the entire body. The low profile design fits easily in most shoe types including dress shoes, work boots, casual footwear or athletic shoes.

Superfeet Green insoles are ideal for those who need extra arch support but want a lightweight solution that won’t make their shoes feel too bulky or uncomfortable.

Superfeet Blue

Superfeet Blue insoles provide comfort and support specifically designed for neutral feet. The arch shape is designed to fit into any type of shoe and the deep heel cup helps to stabilize and support the foot. The high-density foam is layered with a distinct gradient tech and provides long-lasting cushioning under the entire foot. The lightweight construction of Superfeet Blue also provides excellent temperature control, keeping your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Additionally, Superfeet Blue insoles feature an antimicrobial coating that helps to keep your feet fresher for longer. As a result, these insoles provide all-day comfort without adding bulk or size to your shoes. Whether you are an occasional athlete or need support every day, Superfeet Blue insoles are just what you need for optimal foot performance.

Superfeet Orange

Superfeet Orange insoles offer an adjustable fit and provide cushioning and support for nearly any type of foot. They feature a distinct shape that is designed to comfortably fit the arch of most feet, helping to promote alignment and reduce fatigue. The low-volume design ensures the insole won’t crowd your foot, allowing room for healthy toe splay.

Superfeet Orange insoles are thicker and more contoured than our other full-length models, making them an ideal choice if you experience moderate to extreme levels of discomfort when standing on your feet or taking part in physical activity. Additionally, the deep heel cup is designed to promote proper alignment between your hips and ankles.

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With proper care, Superfeet Orange insoles can last up to 12 months or 500 miles of use.

Superfeet Black

The Superfeet Black maximum support insoles offer incredible comfort and durability from a cushioning foam layer combined with a stabilizing shape that helps to properly align the bones of your feet. These insoles feature an uncanny combination of insulation and support thanks to a contoured heel cup, extra-deep Cupron anti-fungal polyester fibers to combat any foot odor, and an anti-slip top cover to keep them firmly in place in your shoes.

The Superfeet Black is ideal for tighter fitting athletic shoes or dress shoes with lower volumes. With proper care, they can last up to twelve months.


Choosing the right Superfeet insole requires a consideration of your footwear, activity, existing foot health and lifestyle. Together, these factors help ensure you get the right cushioning and support for an optimal combination of comfort and shock absorption.

The different shapes of Superfeet insoles can largely be divided into three categories: green (very controlling), blue (control) and orange (cushioning). Green is best suited to tight-fitting sports shoes while orange provides ideal cushioning for casual shoes with lots of space in the toe box. Blue lies between the two, offering a balance suitable for everyday use as well as some sports activities.

Once you’ve chosen the right shape, your next step is to select an arch support type that best corresponds to your foot structure and existing pronation levels: low arch support for low arches; high arch support for high arches; and slim or slim-max for those with neutral or no arches.

Finally, think about activity level; this will influence the level of cushioning required from your Superfeet insoles. High-impact activities such as running may require additional shock absorption while walking involves less stress on your feet so a thinner insole may suffice. Once all these elements have been considered you should be ready to choose the right Superfeet insole that’s fit precisely for your feet!

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