Unboxing Your Mattress

Unboxing your Casper mattress for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re not sure which way your mattress should go. By following some simple steps when unboxing your mattress, you can ensure that your mattress is in the correct position and ready to be used.

Let’s go through the process of unboxing your Casper mattress to get the best results:

Remove the mattress from the box

Unboxing your Casper mattress is an easy process that can be done by yourself or with the help of one or two other people.

  1. Carefully remove your mattress from the box and unroll it onto a flat surface.
  2. Make sure that you do not cut open the plastic wrapping until the mattress is completely unrolled and fully expanded onto a platform or support surface. Cutting into the shrink wrap prematurely will make it difficult to properly expand whatever parts of your mattress remain in the box.
  3. Once your mattress is fully unrolled, gently cut open the sealed portion of tape and unfold the shrink wrap containing your bedding for an easy, hassle-free unboxing process.

Unwrap the mattress

When unboxing your mattress, it is important to follow the directions provided. Begin by opening and unwrapping the plastic casing that keeps your mattress clean and safe during transit. Carefully remove the packaging, ensuring you do not cut or tear into the mattress itself. Once opened, you should notice two layers of foams – each one fitting nicely within a specific half of the box.

To unroll the mattress correctly and minimize unnecessary stress on its internal components, begin by:

  • Unrolling one side of the foam all at once until there are no more curved edges at either side of the foam layer.
  • Moving onto unrolling out the next half and repeating this process until both sides are fully unwound and present a smooth surface from seam to seam along either side.

Once both foams are in place and unwrapped for use, take each one separately out of their boxes before disposing of all packaging materials with local regulations in mind. Now that you have successfully removed your mattress from its box and packaging – it’s time to set up your sleep space!

Placing Your Mattress

It’s important to ensure your mattress is placed properly in order to make sure you get the best support and comfort possible. There are a few simple steps you need to take when it comes to setting up your bed. Depending on your bed frame, the orientation of your mattress can vary.

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Let’s take a look at the best way to place a Casper mattress:

Place the mattress on the bed frame

With many mattress types, the mattress should be placed on a supporting base such as a bed frame or platform. Begin by making sure your bed is at the appropriate height for you and that it’s level. If using a box spring, place it on top of bed slats or attach it to the bed frame with springs.

Next, carefully unpack and lay down your mattress on the support. To help keep the mattress in place on your bed frame or box spring, use one of our standard sized straightening boards across the top to secure it and provide extra support. This helps evenly distribute your body weight and could reduce any sinking or shifting in certain areas over time.

Please keep in mind that you should never place a mattress directly onto sprung slats – this could damage it beyond repair.

Place the mattress on the floor

If you plan to place your mattress directly on the floor, be sure to also invest in a supportive foundation or platform. A solid base made of wood or steel can help you ensure that your mattress will not become damp over time due to moisture from the floor. Investing in a proper foundation or platform will also help extend the life of your mattress by distributing weight unevenly.

Consider adding an extra layer of cushioning such as a mattress pad for added protection and comfort. It is not recommended to use a boxspring with this type of set up, as it does not provide adequate ventilation for your mattress and can lead to mold growth and deterioration over time.

Positioning Your Mattress

Once you’ve found the perfect mattress, the next step is to properly position it. Positioning can be particularly important on mattresses like the Casper mattress, which features multiple layers of foam that together create its comfortable feel. It’s important to be aware of the particular positioning instructions for this type of mattress, so you can make sure it’s optimally set up for maximum comfort and support.

Let’s look at the particular instructions for positioning a Casper mattress:

Position the mattress so the head is at the headboard

Positioning the Correct Way: In order to choose the most comfortable and supportive sleep position, you should place your mattress so that the broadest part of your body is at the headboard and the slimmest part at the foot. If you are a side-sleeper, placing additional pillows between your legs can help support hips by providing even weight distribution.

For those who sleep on their back, placing a pillow beneath your knees can reduce muscle tension in both your back and below your knees. Pillows should also be used to fill in any gaps between body parts so that you have no uncomfortable pressure points.

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Lastly, when sleeping with a partner, it is important to consider placing an adjustable base underneath both mattresses for improved individual comfort. Doing this allows for each sleeper’s preferred incline and allows for improved airflow under the mattress.

Position the mattress so the foot is at the footboard

When you’re positioning your mattress, it’s important to know which side of your bed is the head and which side is the foot. It’s also important to make sure that the most supportive part of the bed – whichever end you choose as the head – is against a wall with a headboard or mounted against a solid, stable surface. Here’s how to do this properly:

  • Position the mattress so that the foot is at the footboard and the head is at a wall with either a headboard or mounted against a solid, stable piece of furniture. If there is no headboard available, firmly mount both sides of your mattress by fastening them securely to two pieces of furniture on both long sides of your bed.
  • Place your mattress on top of any support materials (platform beds, box springs, steel frames, etc.), making sure it fits snugly yet comfortably. Don’t forget to add ventilating sheets – these will help ensure breathability and reduce trapped moisture and dust mites.
  • Place blankets and sheets on top according to your own personal preference; depending on comfort level and climate needs, you can choose from lightweight alternatives such as cotton-polyester blend sheets up through wool blankets for winter months.

Positioning and bedding are important parts of any sleep system; if done correctly there should be equal weight distribution as well as ventilation for maximum comfort when sleeping. Taking these steps will help ensure proper posture throughout each sleep cycle.

Finishing Touches

Once you have the Casper mattress unboxed and ready to go, it’s time to finish touches. The finishing touches involve ensuring that the mattress is properly oriented, with the right side up and the right end pointing in the right direction.

We’ll explore the best way to orient your Casper mattress so that you can get the maximum comfort and support from it.

Place the mattress protector on the mattress

Once the mattress is in place in its designated bedroom, the next step is to add a mattress protector to keep it clean and comfortable.

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First, unroll the protector on top of the mattress with the waterproof backing facing down. This means that the quilted part of the protector is facing up and touching your bed sheets. The quilted part is made out of a breathable material which helps regulate temperatures while you sleep.

Most mattress protectors come with an elastic band on each corner to help keep it securely in place and prevent any shifting as you move around during sleep. To be sure your mattress stays protected, make sure to double check that all four corners are properly tucked and secure before adding on any comfy new sheets!

Place the sheets on the mattress

Once the Casper mattress is secured tightly on the frame and the mattress protector is laid out over it, you are ready to add the sheets. Since Casper mattresses are thicker than other mattresses, it’s best to use extra deep fitted sheets to ensure a snug fit. Remember to tuck in all of the corners and sides for a neat fit.

If you are using two sheets, place the flat sheet under the bottom fitted sheet. This will create an extra layer of warmth and protection for your mattress. For best results, choose sheets that are made of natural materials such as cotton or bamboo as these fabrics can help keep your mattress fresh longer and will provide extra breathability compared to synthetic materials.

Next it’s time to place your pillows on top. Pillowcases can easily be added once both sheets have been tucked in securely and smoothed out over the top of your bedframe if desired. Once finished, take a step back and enjoy your beautifully made bed!

Place the pillows on the mattress

Once the mattress has been placed on the bed, it is time to layer your bed with pillows.

  1. Place two standard-sized pillows in front of the headboard (and two more if you have a king or California king size mattress). This is a great opportunity to show off your decorative style and add touches of color and texture.
  2. Add two smaller accent pillows that are slightly longer than the larger standard pillows. Place these two accent pillows next to each other at the head of the bed. Feel free to mix and match colors, textures, fabrics and patterns for extra visual appeal.
  3. Place one larger accent pillow at either end of the mattress and choose one size larger than the other accent pillows if you would like a layered effect so that it stands out from all around it or select a pillow in an interesting shape such as round or square for added interest. This can be used as an ideal spot for some late-night reading or relaxing before dozing off into dreamland!

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