The Best Quebec Books

  • by Kim Thúy
  • 2 The Orange Grove by Larry Tremblay
  • 3 Suzanne by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette
  • 4 The Enigma of the Return by Dany LaFerrière
  • 5 Memoria by Louise Dupré

What is the best Quebecois literature? We asked Canadian writer and critic Steven Beattie to help us out with a primer on the best of Quebecois lit. It has been 70 years since Hugh MacLennan published Two Solitudes, a novel that examines the seemingly intransigent gulf between English and French cultures in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Who are the best Canadian writers? The list of amazing Canadian writers is long, but Leonard Cohen should undoubtedly be on the list. He has a wide variety of works that have earned him critical acclaim, including songs and poems. One of his most popular works is the song Hallelujah, written in 1984 and remains incredibly popular.

Who are Quebec’s Best Francophone women writers? Unquestionably, fiction by Francophone women in Quebec constitutes some of the most potent and inventive work being produced in the province, or elsewhere in the country, for that matter. One of the brightest lights among a galaxy of glittering stars is Élise Turcotte, author of The Alien House and, most recently in English translation, Guyana.

Who influenced Canadian literature? Much Canadian literature has been influenced by authors from the United States, England, and France. Canadian writers have become prolific in their own right, with some of them listed among the greatest writers of all time.

What is the best Quebecois literature?

What is literature in Quebec about? This is an article about literature in Quebec . During this period, the society of New France was being built with great difficulty. The French merchants contracted to transport colonists did not respect their end of the bargain, and the French and their Indian allies were at war with the Iroquois, allied to the English until 1701, etc.

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Who are some of the most famous Quebec authors? The 19th century marks the beginning of the first real literary works published by Quebecers, including Michel Bibaud, Pierre Boucher de Boucherville, François Réal Angers, Phillipe-Ignace François Aubert de Gaspé, Amédée Papineau, Joseph Doutre, François-Xavier Garneau, Pierre Jean Olivier Chauveau, Louis-Antoine Dessaulles, H.-Émile Chevalier.

Does Quebec have an iconoclastic writing culture? In her afterword to the New Canadian Library edition of Mad Shadows, poet and novelist Daphne Marlatt refers to the “astonishingly iconoclastic writing activity in Quebec, particularly among its women writers.”

Is Quebec writing in translation a tough sell outside Canada? If Francophone Quebec writing in translation is a tough sell within Canada, it is even more so outside the nation’s borders.

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