Madonna is the stage name for American singer-songwriter, actress and author Madonna Louise Ciccone. She has four children from three relationships and her daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon‘s father is actor Carlos Leon. The relationship between Madonna and Carlos lasted from 1994 to 1997.

Lourdes was born on October 14, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, Madonna has been open about her parenting style raising Lourdes with a strict yet loving approach. In March 2014, Madonna told ABC News:

“I’m the sort of parent that believes in art and Instagram is a form of art if used correctly and favorably… I think it’s important not to be too strict when you’re raising a child.”

Madonna’s Dating History

Madonna is one of the biggest superstars in the music industry. She has had a long and successful career, and along with it, a complicated and interesting dating life. From the early 1980s to the present, Madonna has had many relationships and has had children from different fathers.

Let’s take a look at her dating history and who her children’s fathers are:

Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon is an actor and personal trainer who is best known for his four-year relationship with singer and actress Madonna. Leon and Madonna began dating in 1994, shortly after Madonna’s divorce from actor Sean Penn. They have a daughter together, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, who was born in October 1996. Rumors of engagement circulated in 1997, but the two eventually split in 1998 as reported by Us Weekly. Reportedly, the couple simply drifted apart due to their busy schedules.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is a British filmmaker and the father of pop star Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. The couple began dating in August 1999, soon after Madonna had divorced her first husband Sean Penn. She and penn had married nearly six years earlier in August 1985, with their divorce finalized by January 1989.

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Madonna and Ritchie married in December 2000, at Scotland’s Skibo Castle with Hollywood A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting among the guests. They welcomed a daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, that same month. For her part, Madonna often credited Ritchie as creatively inspiring her to make some of her greatest works of music during their time together – most notably 2001’s “Music” album as well as its 2003 follow-up “American Life.”

However, these two couldn’t make it work for long. While neither has ever officially discussed why they split up (reportedly due to home life disagreements) the marriage was over by Nov 2008 when they officially divorced in London’s High Court.

Lourdes Leon’s Father

Lourdes Leon is the daughter of pop icon Madonna and her personal trainer Carlos Leon. The couple never married despite having a child together and share joint custody of their daughter. Lourdes Leon has appeared in several of Madonna’s music videos and is often seen with her mom on the red carpet.

Let’s take a look at Carlos Leon and his role as Lourdes Leon’s father.

Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon is Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon’s father. Carlos, born on June 14, 1962, is a personal trainer and actor. He also appeared with her daughter in the music videos for “Secret Garden” and “Don’t Tell Me.”

The two met in 1995 after Madonna decided to break up with her boyfriend at the time. Soon after their first meeting, Madonna became pregnant with Lourdes (born October 14th, 1996). Although they were never married, Carlos and Madonna lived together until 2000 when their relationship dissolved.

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Carlos has been very involved in his daughter’s life raising her along with Madonnas other children:

  • David Banda (b.2005)
  • Esther (b.2006)
  • Mercy James (b 2008)

Today Carlos supports his daughter as she chooses to pursue a modeling career: he walks with her on the red carpet at events and even makes sure that there are friends around to make her feel comfortable during photoshoots.

Guy Ritchie

Guy Stuart Ritchie is the father of Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. He is a British film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for his films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), Revolver (2005), RocknRolla (2008) and Sherlock Holmes.

Ritchie started his career by producing music videos and commercials by himself before branching out into feature films. He became a prominent filmmaker in the early 2000s for his signature style of comic crime films. In 2002, he married Madonna but the couple divorced in December 2008.

Ritchie has three biological children with his ex-wife Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon born on October 14, 1996 from a previous relationship with Carlos Leon; Rocco Ritchie Born on August 11, 2000; and David Banda Mwale Cbelonek who was born on September 24, 2005 in Malawi and adopted by Madonna in 2006.


After an extended period of speculation, it was confirmed in 2006 that Madonna’s eldest daughter Lourdes’ father is fitness trainer Carlos Leon. The singer and Leon shared a relationship between 1994 and 1997.

However, both Madonna, her current husband Guy Ritchie, have reported that all of Madonna’s children view Ritchie as their father due to his active role in their upbringing. In addition to Lourdes, Madonna has two other daughters: Rocco John Ritchie, 15 and Mercy James Ritchie, 11. She also has a 6-year-old son named David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie.

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