Why did actor Paul leave Grange Hill? Actor Paul was a member of the original cast of the series, playing Anthony Underwood, having been invited to audition by his drama school. In an interview with GrangeHill.Tumblr.com, he explained that he ended up leaving the show before realising how big it was going to be.

Who are the characters in Grange Hill? Grange Hill, set in a fictional comprehensive school, ran as a BBC children’s TV series for 30 years between 1978 and 2008. Among the characters that featured over the years were Tucker Jenkins, played by Todd Carty, Benny Green, Zammo McGuire, Justine Dean, and Norman ‘Gripper’ Stebson.

Who played Zammo in Grange Hill? Lee has made several TV appearances since leaving Grange Hill, including an episode of The Bill in which his love interest was played by Melissa Wilkes – who also played his girlfriend Jackie Wright in Grange Hill. However Lee had previously claimed that playing drug addict Zammo in Grange Hill ‘ruined his career’.

Will there be a Grange Hill movie? BBC One children’s show Grange Hill is said to be returning as a film later 40 years after it first hit our screens Movie is expected to feature former cast members from the show in the roles of parents and grandparents Grange Hill was set in a fictional comprehensive school and ran for 30 years between 1978 and 2008

Why did actor Paul leave Grange Hill?

What happened to Michael from Grange Hill? Since leaving Grange Hill in 1987, Michael has continued to act, taking on a range of television and theatre roles, including parts in a touring production of Hamlet and ITVs The Mayor Of Casterbridge. Michael reprised his role as Mr Baxter in the ITV sitcom The Grimleys during the late 1990s.

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When did Grange Hill End on the BBC? On 6 February 2008, the BBC announced Grange Hill was to be axed after exactly 30 years. The announcement was made by CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist just two days before the show’s official 30th birthday. Grange Hill ended on Monday 15 September 2008.

Why did Lee MacDonald leave Grange Hill? Lee MacDonald, 52, was the star of one of Grange Hill’s most hard-hitting storylines when his character Zammo became addicted to heroin. As a result, he became involved in a number of anti-drugs campaigns encouraging youngsters to ‘Just Say No’. After six years as Zammo, Lee left Grange Hill with critical acclaim for his portrayal of Zammo.

How old is Paul McCarthy from Grange Hill? Paul McCarthy was born on October 21, 1964 in London, England. He is an actor and writer, known for Through the Looking Glass (2006), Grange Hill (1978) and Tucker’s Luck (1983). See full bio ยป

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