Circling back to our brief history lesson – many people wear watches on their left wrists because they are right-handed. However, when posed the question “what hand do men’s watches go on?” – the standard really has nothing to do with left vs. right. It’s all about which hand is dominant and which one is not.Phone: Founder: 

Why do we wear a watch on our left hand? Answer Wiki. Generally it is observed that people wear them on their left hand. No watch is particularly meant for wearing in the right or the left hand. It’s just a simple wrist watch. Wearing a watch on our left hand has a practical reason; we do most of the work like grabbing, holding, writing etc. with our right hand, the dominant hand.

What hand do you wear a watch on? Among people who wear wrist watches, most wear them on the non-dominant hand. Thus, right handed people wear the watch on the left wrist and left handed people wear the watch on the right wrist.

What happens if you wear your watch on your dominant hand? Whether you’re typing up some documents, cooking a meal, or working away in the shed – wearing your watch on your dominant hand’s wrist will simply create a lot of discomforts. It will significantly limit your range of movement and slow you down quite a bit, making even the simplest of tasks take up far more time.

Why is the crown on the left side of a watch? On most watches, the crown (the piece you use to set or wind it) is on the right of the face, making it easier to adjust without blocking the face using the right hand. Wearing ones watch on the left is a social convention, so most people go with popular opinion.

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Why do we wear a watch on our left hand?

Can you wear a watch on your left hand? Watches can be worn on the right or left wrist but usually the dominant hand. (Left for Right-handed people and right hand for lefties). There even seems to be rules on how to wear a watch. You probably thought it was just as simple as slapping it on your wrist, but apparently not.

Why are Tudor watches left-hand? As such, this is also the reason why watch brands such as Tudor have developed ”left-hand models”, with the crown and crown guards on the left side of the watch case as opposed to the right, making it more comfortable for left-handed people to wear the watches.

Why do right-handed people wear watches more? Since you’re more active with your right hand as a right-handed person, you will inevitably do more wearing on the watch’s movement as you’re performing tasks. All kinds of shocks, in particular, tend to wear the movement, especially hard shocks which can damage the movement or destroy it completely.

How do you know which wrist a watch is designed to sit on? Since the crown is meant to be easily manipulated by the opposite hand, you can tell which wrist the watch is designed to sit on depending on whether it is by the 3 or 9. If it’s the former, the watch was intended for the left wrist, as that makes it easiest for the right hand to turn. If the crown is by the 9, it’s the opposite.

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