With newspaper coverage becoming less prevalent readership is likely to decline causing a loss in revenue and further drop off in relevant news of local interest. As newspaper revenue plummets the revenue for digital media giants Google GOOG and Facebook have been thriving collectively generating $200 billion in annual ad dollars.

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Why are local newspapers important? Second, strong local newspapers have built community by encouraging regional economic growth and development. Through advertising, newspapers have helped local businesses connect with local consumers. However, print newspaper advertising, which has historically furnished 75 to 90% of total revenue, is at an all-time low and continues to decline.

Is local journalism in decline? But the decline in local journalism is not just a local concern, it is a national one, too. Voters in communities that have experienced a newspaper closure are less likely to split their vote between the two major political parties, contributing to national political polarization. [6]

Why are so many communities losing their newspapers? Most of the communities that have lost newspapers are struggling economically. But, increasingly, affluent and well-educated communities are losing their papers. Two years ago, for example, Chapel Hill, a city of nearly 60,000 and home of the University of North Carolina, lost its storied 100-year-old paper.

Are local newspapers dying?

Are communities in danger of losing their last surviving daily newspapers? The problems in the local news business are so widespread and severe, communities across America are in danger of losing their last surviving daily newspapers.

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Why are newspapers disappearing? Surviving newspapers, especially dailies, have cut staff and circulation significantly under financial pressure, reducing their ability to fill the gap when communities lose their local papers. More and more dailies are also dropping seven-day-a-week delivery, as they pursue digital subscribers.

Why don’t Americans read their local newspapers? Each paper covers a smaller chunk of the region, leading nearly half of Americans to say that their local news doesn’t actually cover their own local area. The editors don’t have a lifetime’s worth of knowledge of the places they’re working. Golden-era newspaper journalism had many problems.

What happened to local journalism? The explosion of national digital-only news outlets has come and gone. Many survive, but few do the kind of journalism that local papers did. It’s one thing to tweet from a city council meeting every once in a while, and a whole other thing to cover City Hall for a real newspaper.

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